Tuscany: Siena

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Siena, the charming town located around a hour from Florence, is the most beautiful place in Tuscany. Not because of only architecture. Also because of the people, the way they celebrate, live! And they really do their traditional holidays in an amazing way. La Contrada, that happened yesterday (when I was present in Siena) is for example the biggest celebration of the year in Siena, when 17 districts with different name meanings, conquer by the traditional games like throwing with a flag or horse-riding. Whoever wins, later the big feast is always the happiest moment in the town, when all locals feel like family! And no tourists are here then… 20130816-094717 AM.jpg20130816-094727 AM.jpg20130816-094741 AM.jpg20130816-094756 AM.jpg
The most important building is the Duomo, the church that is an art masterpiece. Decorated with thousands of small detailed sculptures on the facade, the frescos inside and the domes are just breath taking. The Duomo has different parts- in the crypt you shall see a beautiful painting of Caravaggio, and in the library the first real developed books in the world. This place is amazing, and you know what- it is not so tapping in religious way. When the priest was telling the locals the prayer, for me in Italian, it all sound like if he talked with his buddies in a Trattoria and not doing a big thing from that! That’s a real Italian way of life! Love it! 20130816-095524 AM.jpg

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But while you are in Siena, it’s best to forget about your problems, and simply get lost in one of the streets! Buy some cool souvenirs, fruits and just wander around the city. I simply fell in love with all these hand made plates with fruit patterns on it… This town in other words is not on the city of art, but the city of juicy life!

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Artichokes and Fruits in Rome

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In the Jewish district of Rome that is know for the Jerusalem artichokes I tried this great speciality- I was shocked with it’s taste! The inside was really delicious and the outside was fried and oily. In the restaurant I ate these (sorry I don’t remember the name!) you could even see how Roman’s peel artichokes and beans. And what’s worth to mention is that the bulbs of these artichokes are as big as head!

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And the real Dolce Vita food was at feet of Colosseum- the fruity market! For sure it was a inspiration for Dolce Gabbana this summer! The colour blast and fruits… So juicy they look!

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From Rome With Love

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I’m in Rome for a while and I have a real spring blast! Flowers, warm weather, art, beautiful architecture… So Dolce Vita! On the Spanish Stairs the flowers already bloomed. It’s so warm I just can’t describe it! On Via Condotti the Prada and Dolce Gabbana already have new fresh windows… It’s just amazing. And the buildings around… These religious details and paintings on the ancient walls of houses, fruits, greenery (this building that is whole in leafs is mind blowing!) and lots of orange around. My favourite colour!

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