Rick Owens Furniture at Andreas Murkudis

Although it’s been a while ago, Andreas Murkudis hosted a temporary pop-up store feauturing Rick Owens and Michele Lamy‘s furniture line. I wanted to see those designs for such a long time, and it was worth the wait. There’s something truly incredible in their raw beauty. When Lamy and Owens first started out making furniture, it was purpose-built; their marital bed was the first thing that they created, long before they thought that their work might evolve into the sort of thing to be exhibited at global art galleries, because “we don’t buy; we do,” as Michele told Another Magazine back in 2017. “We have always been this way, always building spaces; small or big. Rick with his studio, me with Les Deux Cafés…” Formed from basalt and petrified wood, crystal and oxbone and alabaster, such objects might easily appear sterile, but they are instead imbued with resounding warmth. “Part of the romance invested in the furniture is the look on the faces of the guys who work on it when she sweeps into their studios in the jewellery, furs and smoke – her love for them and their love for her is a big part of every piece,” writes Owens in their book dedicated to their furniture. Most beautiful things are made with love.

Photos by Edward Kanarecki and Owenscorp.

Wilde Heimat

Wilde Heimat is another place I completely fell in love on Mitte’s Torstraße. Looking for 1950s-only furniture and home decorations in Berlin? That’s probably the most perfect spot to dig into. At a first sight it feels like as if Wes Anderson’s production team decided to sell its film sets. Well, I would rather say that it’s Anderson who can look for props right here for an upcoming film.

Torstraße 172 / Berlin

All photos by Edward Kanarecki.

Rick Owens “Pre-History”

rick_owens_9361_north_576xRick Owens’s new furniture collection made in his studio in Paris, is not only special because of the label- no, more because of the materials used in these sofas and armchairs. In reality, RO chose very rare and specific materials- The 500,000 year old fossilized wood throws up subtle nuances of smoked brown and the blackened plywood provides a counterpoint to the lighter tones; alabaster, a sublime material used by sculptors in Sumerian times whose transparent pallor echoes the color of the ivory of a cow’s bone. As you see, these minimalistic, brutallic forms have much more to say that most of other chairs! Their concept is very simple, showing the beauty of natural fabrics. Dealt with in juxtaposition, the values come together and compose a three-dimensional piece that is totally relevant to the designer’s own style. He cuts and shapes a transversal and global universe, from fashion to furniture.rick_owens_2644_north_576xrick_owens_4178_north_576xrick_owens_8411_north_576x

Sky View of PARIS

20130716-112624 AM.jpg
The new AD France is checkng out best lofts of Paris, and one of them is here. And it’s really beautiful! First of all, the loft | apartment is located in a pretty old building, in centre of Paris. Well, centre of Paris has a big amount of high buildings, so logically, the view isn’t really amazing. But thats just a theory. And in practice, this loft has one of the most beautiful views in whole Paris! From here a panoramic view of the most important places in the city of love is visible. So the owner should be really lucky!
The interior design is as stunning as the window view- it’s all black and white, with a wide usage of marble and delicate ornaments that decorate the walls and the kitchen. But in overall it’s really modern and minimalistic. However the lobby with a big balcony looks gracefully! It’s all about chic and elegance. And somehow reminds me of Saint Laurent’s new boutiques that are full of my favourite stone- marble!

20130716-113941 AM.jpg

20130716-113953 AM.jpg

20130716-114005 AM.jpg

20130716-114016 AM.jpg

20130716-114026 AM.jpg

20130716-114036 AM.jpg

A Rare Gem

20130620-035032 PM.jpg
An one globe trotting jeweller has used global treasures to turn a neglected house in Goa into a unique and personal home- Nishu Karimjee. Situated on the edge of a traditional Goan Village, the 100 year old bungalow seems to be typical for the area- that’s not true. As soon as you step to the hallway, its individuality is revealed. A magical mix of colonial style, Art Deco furniture and industrial scents. This kind of beautifully balanced villa was changed through long years! From the antique photographies to vintage watercolours to the family heirlooms and potted palms. Now it’s clear that the owner had a bright past full of travels and adventures, while creating it’s own furnishing tastes! And I really love the greenery around!

20130620-035751 PM.jpg

20130620-035756 PM.jpg

20130620-035804 PM.jpg

20130620-035810 PM.jpg

20130620-035818 PM.jpg

20130620-035824 PM.jpg

20130620-035829 PM.jpg

20130620-035835 PM.jpg

20130620-035841 PM.jpg

20130620-035850 PM.jpg