Spiral Around The Body


A piece of jewellery by her seems to be like a spiral which shapes around the body. Do you remember the set of five golden rings from Nicolas Ghesquière’s final collection for Balenciaga? Did you add them to the on-line store whishlist because you were so in love with them? Well, in reality, you were in love with Charlotte Chesnais already back then. Spending nearly a decade at the house, she appeared to be the main jewellery designer there by coincidence. “Nicolas wanted some pieces for his Les Parisiennes collection, and there was no one at the time doing jewelry in the atelier,” Chesnais recalls. She left Balenciaga just after Ghesquière did. “I had lost my master,” she explains, but not before debuting the “bow” bracelets that have since become an Alexander Wang signature. Later on, Chesnais worked for Julien Dossena at Paco Rabanne (the last season bracelets are also by HER) and designed the chain mail bags. And now, Charlotte Chesnais is here to present herself in the truest form, with her own namesake line. Inspired by the sculptural work of Constantin Brancusi and Alberto Giacometti, her eponymous collection is composed of metal pieces that look as if made of liquid – cuffs coil up the hand; circular earrings orbit the lobes. “Each one is a beautiful object—even just sitting on a table,” she says. “That’s my interpretation of timeless.






Constantin Brancusi






Balenciaga SS13

Blessed Again

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You never know what to think of the fantastic world created by the New Yorker named Thom Browne. Every collection is like a blessing… or irony that is a continuation of Browne’s American Horror Story never-ending episode. The fall 2014 collection started with 20’s vintage lamé that felt very Fellini-esque and a bit spiritual at the same time! Through out the collection, there was a feeling that Mr. Thom thought of Vatican splendour completed with hyper-rounded shapes and a gold splash used in make-up, gowns and coats. The extravagance of the church also re-arranged his old-time signatures: tweet jackets were not kept in classical grey, but brushed with silver; the shoulders that are usually transmutated by Thom, felt even more out of this world. Who knows what spirits surrounded the clothes- but surely, this ecclesiastical collection meant something more for the designer.

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Dubai. Chanel Resort’15

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Making it big for the shows is pretty natural for Karl Lagerfeld, who already took us to St.Tropez, Miami, Antibes and Singapore for his Resort collections. This time, we travelled to Dubai, the city of United Arab Emirates, that’s full of gold, petrol and luxury. So, no wonder… the collection was presented on a special Chanel island, that had a carved double C all over it! However, the collection itself was one of the worst, unfortunately. It didn’t have that Dubai opulence I wished of! It had flowers, moons, Scottish checks, blond version of Diana Ross curls and a lot of strange themes that seemed to be useless. I suppose Dubai summers are so cold you need to wear socks-up-to-knee… I certainly loved the camel gown that Joan Smalls wore with flats and trousers trousers. Oh yeah, trousers- I see Arabian harems are bag in beige! And I am a little bit disappointed that we didn’t see Sebastien Jondeau in a Chanelized sheikh costume. That’s it!

About the artist: Abdul Qader Al Raes is an artist from Dubai made famous by his monumental art works in palaces and distinguished public spaces.









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The first day in Myanmar was all about the capital city- Yangon. Full of new experiences, views and photographs, Yangon was surely magnificent with it’s amazing gold Shwedagon Pagoda. Covered with more than 70 tons of gold, this Pagoda is the biggest religious centre of Buddhism. You may offer Buddha your own Jasmine flower branch on your day-of-birth corner, and have a wish! If you are in Myanmar, this place is the must see one. Not only for experience, but also for some spiritual happiness!

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Happy New Year!

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I wish to all my readers for this cheerful occasion, all the best with upcoming New Year! 2013 was an amazing year, where I met fantastic people, been to cool place and tried new things. It was also a great fashion year, with many changes and new rules. I wish you all a fantastic chic New Year Eve party, beautiful gowns and stilettos, and… All your dreams to come true in 2014! Happy New Year! Xxx Edward

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