Jean Paul Gaultier at Grand Palais


Nicknamed “the enfant terrible of fashion” by the press since his first shows in the 70’s, Jean Paul Gaultier is undoubtedly one of the most important and avant-garde fashion designers of recent decades. Made between 1971 and 2015, the examples of his bold creativity have for the most part never been on public display like now at Grand Palais in Paris. His couture and ready-to-wear which always seemed to be different, very early caught on concerns and challenges of a multicultural society, playfully imposing aesthetic codes. More than any other couturier, this exhibition expresses his humanity. The whole event is divided into few “periods” of his career in fashion. The Odyssey refers to what might be named the “founding myths” of Paul’s universe – mariner chic and his signature stripes, mermaids and long sea voyages. Then, Gaultier had his vision of punk, but in a cancan version. Fascinated by the Paris of Belle Epoque, Toulouse Lautrec, the Moulin Rouge and Brassai, the couturier used to mix frivolous and flirty silhouettes with rebellious fashion outings and contoversy-causing way of dressing. From the beginning, the enfant terrible was attracted to unconventional beauties. Muses. Madonna, Kylie Minouge, Beth Ditto, Rossy De Palma and many more women and men who were full of “spark” gave Jean Paul Gaultier inspiration. Even the clothes he designed for Luc Besson’s film, Fifth Element, were designed by him because he felt close to the directors strong vision and imagination. I

n his collections, Gaultier questioned the concepts of gender, nudity and eroticism. While basing his ideas on those, Jean started to use textiles that weren’t used in couture before – latex, leather, fish net, harness and other fabrics that are associated with the word sexy. He offered hypersexualised clothing (like corset dresses) and evoked a new type of romance and fetishism in the world of fashion. In the last section of the exhibition, you can see the Urban Jungle – a fierce dose of colour and references to various ethnic groups. bullfighter bolero jackets, the shtreimel and long coats made of rabbits, gilets from Mongolia, geisha kimonos, flamenco skirts and African masks as the new bride alternative. And all of that modified with his long-time signatures – corset silhouettes and intense emphasis on details. Seeing all of these stages of Gaultier’s career seemed like a dream-come-true. And having a chance to observe and have a look at all those clothes, scenarios and extravagance felt quite insane, but great.

























HC: Chanel’s Couture Venues



We had like everything: a No.5 fragrance bottle, lion, the little black jacket, cinema… even Corbusier. And that’s all about Chanel’s amazing venues, that wait for us each season during the Haute Couture seasons. Chanel is known for building over-the-top stage sets whose sense of drama rivals, and in some cases eclipses, the clothes. At the house’s fall/winter 2014 couture presentation last week at the Grand Palais, however, the setting was more modest, if no less elegant, than expected. Karl Lagerfeld showed his standout collection in a relaxed setting inspired by a 1930s Le Corbusier apartment. Minimalist, intimate-feeling rooms at either end of the space were each adorned with a gold oval baroque mirror sporting the trademark interlocking-C logo, placed over a digital fireplace. Here are the latest Chanel venues (and grandest):













✈ Kinetic Travel at Chanel ✈

20130703-122733 PM.jpg
A destroyed theatre, with smashed windows and peeling walls, was filled with scruffy, pre-war chairs where the guest would seat. Something is going to happen. Then something amazing happens, that even Rihanna and Natalia Vodianova gasp with excitement. From under the dark curtain thats hanging above the scene, a 3-D installation of metallic skyscrapers and blue sky are coming out. And it’s of course all in Grand Palais!
“It’s a new world” Karl Lagerfeld says, thinking of Singapore, where his Chanel resort was presented. The damaged theatre, as Karl said suggested Coco Chanel coming back after war, looking in Paris for something beautiful and quiet- rebuilding the fashion house. It is like a closed chapter of Chanel that Karl wanted to show. Now a new one, modern and elusive chapter is opened for the Parisian house. But the show was very dynamic, models ran the catwalk like on the olympics. Yes it sounds all very cosmic, but the clothes weren’t at all crazy. Tweed suites in new silver colours made from different weaving methods; dresses that were called kinetic by the designer, had a eerie silver polish.
There is also a pretty dangerous trend upcoming in jewellery- putting small diamond rings on all fingers in the hands, but- not in the typical place for wearing rings, but nearly on the nails! This bling looks really nice and modernistic, but feels a bit uncomfortable. Never wear it to a fish restaurant wee you may eat some crabs or shrimps; don’t wash your hands in it because you don’t really want to take out your diamonds from the sink. That’s why this trend in jewellery is super unpractical but super fashionable!
New models were tapped to the show- mostly Asian newcomers and rest was the it girls- Ashleigh Good, Jamie Bochert, Lindsey Wixson and Joan Smalls. There seems that a strong change is coming up to Chanel from the Eastern part of the world- time will show.

20130703-125209 PM.jpg

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Paris: Day 6

20121107-081308 PM.jpg
At the beginning of the day we went with Rubi on a walk to the Tuileries Jardins. There was a beautiful weather and the Eiffel Tower looked amazing… It was really sunny and warm!

20121107-082355 PM.jpg
After, we went with ower Parisian friend to l’Avenue on Montaigne. The food was as always delicious. I ordered my favorite thai chicken rolls and butterfly chicken organic with mango spicy dressing. Next, we went to Grand Palais on an exhibition of American artist, Edward Hopper. The exposition was really nice, the works of this great artist were awesome. And here are few photos of the works (some are mine and some from internet+the Grand Plalais building).

20121107-084820 PM.jpg

20121107-084839 PM.jpg

20121107-084912 PM.jpg

20121107-085240 PM.jpg

20121107-085249 PM.jpg
After the exhibition, we went to the Plaza Athenee hotel for a cup of tea and some sweet things😃.
I ordered the Caramel Balls with cream…

20121107-085448 PM.jpg
Because we’ve got really tired of walking, caught a taxi and went Le Bon Marche. It is a great place for shopping in Paris such brands like Proenza Schoulers, Alaia and Maison Martin Margiela. It is beautifully decorated now, because of it’s 120th Brthdays. It. Contains an cosmetic section, clothes and accesories.

20121107-091104 PM.jpg

20121107-091117 PM.jpg

20121107-091127 PM.jpg

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20121107-091159 PM.jpg

20121107-091213 PM.jpg
For dinner we chose Akrame. The Best Restaurant in Paris for Now!!! The food is delicious, and there was the 5 plate surprise menu… We tried the beef from Galicia in Spain, that was dried on stones 120 days on sun, in the mountains. Wow! The food is just perfect, every potato and salad is on it’s right side of the plate.

20121107-091619 PM.jpg