The Most Scary Shows Ever!

1055268 John Galliano AW07 was inspired with Pigalle girls from Paris, wearing all these ornamental boudoir dresses and strong colour of red on them. From veiled streetwalkers to girls that had been dancing all night, models appeared with dripping make-up and carrying eerie broken dolls. The runway was like a fantastic dark circus- dusty and dark!1055267During the Alexander McQueen show in AW06, models wore reindeer horns on heads, nomadic inspired dresses, gothic black gowns and amazing witch coats. That was the real fantasy of McQueen’s world we love. And definitely this collection would make at a haunted castle Halloween party…1054885These knitted veils from Rick Owens AW12 collection channeled brutalism. Drawing on the classic beauty of Marlene Dietrich, a 1920’s bisexual icon who openly defied sexual norms, the model’s look was honeydew skin, coral lips and combed brows fenced by masks of gunmetal grey. Flowing volumes provided protective layers for his dominatrices whilst the silhouettes created a confusion of sinister and sexy. Relentless flames singed at the top of the runway as the models stalked the east side of Paris.1055264Iris Van Herpen Haute Couture AW11 was a mix of skeletal silhouettes and organ-like textures. Coiled intestines, brain tissue and snake dresses aided the vision of couture cyborgs, confirming the ongoing influence of anatomical, architectural and scientific structures in her space-borne collections. Still sits in some’s nightmares.1055269Gareth Pugh AW13 was a dull collection of recycled gowns with feathers, wood, trash bags… The headpieces made as shake, and the amazing deepness of darkness was a bit depressing. That’s what is called a scary Halloween couture. Costing a fortune, by the way…1050817

Solemn Pieces


Thom Browne’s SS14 collections not only made us all scream, but it too took to another level of Tim Burtons fashion story… The abysmally white collection full of bloody lips, ghosts and fashion demons certainly can be counted into one of the scariest moment of fashion season… Thom’s dull collection is not just surrealistic, but very killing with it’s beauty!







Halloween Horror’s: CDG SS14

1051578 31st of November. The city is dark. The skycrapers are off. It’s so dark, but at the same time… mysterious. Down the road in Paris, you go- it’s kind of artistic and elusive. All these people around look disturbing. Their costumes seem to be strange and not usual. VERY unusual. They all wear Comme des Garcons for SS14, which is amazingly amzaing, and at the same time creepy. Definitely some thing cool for Halloween horror fashion moment…105156110515651051569105158210515641051560