Astier De Villatte

World renowned Astier De Villatte create their charming, one of a kind ceramics, pottery, candles and glassware in an antique Bastille workshop in Paris. Best known for their 18th and 19th century inspired handmade ceramics, Astier de Villatte have been making their ceramics here since 1996. Founded by Benoit Astier de Villatte and Ivan Pericoli, they continue to follow in the tradition of the great 18th century Parisian ceramic studios. Drawing inspiration from the history of decorative arts, folk art and abandoned objects, their team of twenty ceramicists make every piece of pottery by hand. Using traditional techniques passed down through the generations, everything in their exquisite range is totally unique. Sculpted out of black terracotta, each ceramic is then finished with a milky glaze to emphasise the character and imperfections of the clay. No two Astier de Villatte products are the same. Alongside their ceramics, Astier de Villatte make scented hand care products, incense and candles. Their Serena Carone mugs (see the above photo) are on my wishlist.

173 rue Saint-Honore

All photos by Edward Kanarecki.

(P.S. If you are inspired by my Parisian coverage, I’m really happy about, but please have in mind that now isn’t a safe time for any sorts of travelling. Stay at home!)

Unusual Denim. Faustine Steinmetz SS16


Faustine Steinmetz is my current obsession from London’s Fashion Week. Her unusual way of making couture out of apparel is unbelievable! Micro-pleated denim is one of the new fabric developments in her repertoire and it gave some spectacular dimension to the SS16 jackets. Also, Faustine’s couture-like weaving talent was presented in form of a striped polo shirt that took a week to make. A classic gray sweatshirt, surprisingly, unraveled into a stream of floor-grazing fringing. Basic, white tops were alive thanks to refreshing greens and vials. In the times, when all our t-shirts and jeans are made on massive scale, Faustine Steinmetz’s unique vision for hand-made apparel seems to be unreal. But her growing fan base will support the idea.







Do you know Fenek? Meet one of these adorable creatures at Concept 21 Store in Poznan. They are locally hand-painted and look super cute…

Ul. Wielka 21, Poznan, Poland.

Liza Odinokikh


During the Aurora fashion week, I always love how the Russian designers go back to their roots from economical, religious and cultural heritage. This time, for SS15, I felt the love to the super warm and cozy Liza Odnokikh collection. The models, wearing hand-embroidered decorations on their beautiful cotton dresses and shirts, walked not down the runway but down the… thatch floor. Barefoot. That felt as relaxing as Dries Van Noten’s summer that we saw a month ago in Paris. The tapestry shown as flower appliques; the dried heair covers; the mood of a soviet farm. Surely, the collection of this Saint Petersburg based designer is a highlight!








Hand Painted Majesty

20130824-071259 PM.jpg
Holly Fowler is a name to watch in London fashion scene- this girl has something really fresh and at the same time traditional to offer! To be clear. Holly is not doing prints, trench coats, Tartan plaids nor feather and high tech innovations. It’s all about… Hand-painted dresses! Sounds kind of stereotypical, but it looks so refreshing and new! The painted frescos on long minimalistic dresses, leather jackets and skirts look fantastic with their strong colours! Fowler also did to big collaborations- one with bags and dresses for Browns London, where a simple leather bag had a realistic print, and second one for Bergdof Goodman in New York! Really, the effect is mesmerising. This is real fashion- it really feels new, but it is still something wearable and at the same time at level of haute couture… In pretty affordable prizes! 20130824-073054 PM.jpg20130824-073105 PM.jpg20130824-073118 PM.jpg20130824-073154 PM.jpg

20130824-073209 PM.jpg

20130824-073221 PM.jpg

20130824-073231 PM.jpg

20130824-073244 PM.jpg

20130824-073255 PM.jpg

20130824-073306 PM.jpg

20130824-073318 PM.jpg

20130824-073329 PM.jpg

20130824-073343 PM.jpg

20130824-073354 PM.jpg

20130824-073406 PM.jpg

20130824-073419 PM.jpg