Lemaire’s Summer

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Christophe Lemaire is definitely one of the hot names in Paris. He is designing for Hermes, and his own, beautiful label, making both of the houses minimalistic and fresh. At Hermes, Christophe took us to the jungle- but in very luxurious way. More, you wouldn’t go to the jungle in one of these jumpsuit, but live in one of these luxurious hotels with villas… Presented in a beautiful environment with lots of palms and trees, the collection was a mix of practical resort life and luxurious Hermes heritage. And if looking to the Lemaire’s line, we may be still located around the palm trees, but in a beautiful living room in one of Saint Honore apartments in Paris. SS14 for Christophe Lemaire was all about Parisian chic cut with a twist of exotic life. And the shoes… They really look awesome!

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Hitchcockian Seduction

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Hermes by Christophe Lemaire for AW13 is revisting the Hitchcock woman into a new generation- perfect anonymous chic to provide a subtle charge. This is what Parisian Hermes should be like- a bit menswear, elegant and super chic. This is a antidote for the colour splash on the street style, that for a long time won’t wear Hermes for everyday. But why? Too expensive? Yes it is,but not form these Russian girls and American billlionaires. Hermes clothes do not have a label name EVERYWHERE. Ok, when Mira Duma wears this black tweed costume with fur pompon, there is no double C on it, but everyone who is interested a bit in fashion knows it’s Chanel. What I love in Hermes is the classical touch and this simplicity in every cape, fur… That is so beautiful!

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Belles du Mexique

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While packing, Lena found her beautiful, archival Hermes scarf that is stunning! The Belles du Mexique scarf made of silk with Mexican women dancing in their traditional dresses, is like a huge splash of colours, full of details and fun. Perfect for beach parties and a city escape during summer vacations. And it is so chic! I feel now so “these” times, after seeing this cool piece and the Yves Saint Laurent Style book, full of prints, sexuality and colours! Laisse aller à la plage!

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And for a dessert for the top of all- Veruschka in Yves Saint Laurent safari costume! Looks beautiful!