Amsterdam Scenes


Although I’ve been to Amsterdam at the beginning of September, I feel the need to post some of the scenes and snaps from this very energetic, always on-the-go city. The Dutch capital is all about tiles, greenery, bikes (of course) and chic dogs with their Céline totes. That time, I also realised that Amsterdam is such a treasure chest of antique books (at one of the well-hidden markets, I bought a vintage Sotheby’s catalogue for just 2,50 euros – quite proud of myself!). Take a look below.


Taschen in Amsterdam


Naomi Campbell’s mega-book with the 3-D cover designed by Allen Jones; the David Hockney bible which can only be opened while wearing white gloves; Kishin Shinoyama’s original photos of John Lennon and Yoko Ono hanging on the wall – and all that under one roof. Taschen‘s boutique in Amsterdam is like a treasure chest, where the exclusive publishing brand sells the most desired books and albums on Earth. And some really do cost like gold. A must-visit destination for anyone whose soft spot relates to the beauty of print…

P.C. Hooftstraat 44 / Amsterdam


Photos by Edward Kanarecki

Arnout Van Albada


Nobody mastered still life so well as the Dutch artists. Remember those opulent painting of food and kitchen splendour of the 17th century? Now, the situation looks slightly more… minimal. Arnout van Albada, currently based in Groningen, creates mesmerising artworks in egg tempera and oil paint which truly fit into sumptuous still life art. But rather than placing lobsters and other luxury food products, Arnout presents Coppa di Parma ham, Jell-O Grape jelly, laurier herb, Parmigiano cheese, rhubarb and many other daily-life, usual routine dishes in pretty modest, pastel-coloured backrounds. “The choice of my subjects is entirely determined by what I find beautiful and attractive – I look for subtle contrasts in textures, colours or shapes,” van Albada says. And what does he hope to achieve in his work? “In the end, I try to catch the elusiveness of an object when isolated from its context to create a timeless and magical image,” I must admit, at the first sight I thought these are all photographs – the paintings look so realistic and natural! Or maybe I feel hungry now…









The Netherlands. Valentino AW13

20130306-115822 AM.jpg
I never wrote about Valentino in the past, because it always seemed to me boring and without any vigour. But this time it was totally another. What I loved, there were so much inspirations! And mostly from Netherlands, where these things are common. The collection started with models wearing black dresses with collars and a ponytail hair in the front. After looking at the moodboard of Valentino, that had to be inspired with nuns costumes! Pretty religious! And then the dresses camre in indigo colour. For sure, the new red is blue colour at Valentino!

20130306-120655 PM.jpg

20130306-120717 PM.jpg

20130306-120734 PM.jpg

20130306-120757 PM.jpg

20130306-120908 PM.jpg
What more: there was the print of known around the world Delftwere blue porcelain! It’s hand painted in a small city Delft in Holland. It was used in amazing way on dresses, tops and trousers. In reality there was a lot of flower tapestry that is Velentino’s classic. What I loved, is that there was a lot of modernity in few dresses- these with semicircles on shoulders and sides. And I like it!

20130306-122813 PM.jpg

20130306-122957 PM.jpg

20130306-123021 PM.jpg

20130306-123044 PM.jpg

20130306-123109 PM.jpg

20130306-123128 PM.jpg

20130306-123212 PM.jpg

20130306-123357 PM.jpg