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The Inle Lake in Myanmar is the biggest ethnic mixture of beautiful people. It’s my last destination in Burma before Singapore and I am really overwhelmed. All people here are so happy, always with a smile! Women dress only in colours, with big amount jewellery and scarves (look at the Karen and Pao tribe!). Men do everything with joy, without hurry… And children are so cute! And funniest kid on Earth was the one with bamboo cages- he shouted “Bamboo, Bamboo!” and at the end threw both of them into water. Then he sat down, and put his finger into his nose. It made my laugh so much! Thank you Burma for beautiful time, and hope to see you soon!

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The biggest lake in Myanmar is called the Inle Lake (22 km of length). It’s known for a very specific feature that it literally contains- here, you may observe the life style of inhabitants- the “Inthas” or “Sons of Lake” who live in the middle of the lake. Also, the unique style of fishermen rowing the boat by standing and rolling one leg around the paddle while holding their traditional cone shape fishing basket. This looks really amazing. We also visited the huge floating farms that looked totally like from Sci-Fi movies… that grew tomatoes and beans (that are really good). On the way, there was aslo a remarkable factory were the scarves are knitted out of lotus and silk… This type of production can be found only here! 20140213-064037 PM.jpg20140213-064048 PM.jpg20140213-064053 PM.jpg20140213-064111 PM.jpg

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