The House of Waris X Pringle of Scotland


This might be slightly dated, but after watching the fantastic “Darjeeling Limited” film by Wes Anderson yesterday, I am obsessed with anything connected to Waris Ahluwalia, the actor and jewellery designer. And then, I found this – Pringle of Scotland and the Serpentine Gallery commissioned artists for the series ‘195 Collaborations’ which has been inspired by iconic products such as the twinset and argyle pattern. Tilda Swinton (I love her to, not only because of “The Grand Budapest Hotel”…) worked with HOUSE of WARIS to create the “Twinset of my dreams”. These wool cardigans which were made in Scotland had custom-made brooches by Waris and were sold in very few copies. Don’t they look extraordinary? And seeing Tilda wearing one of them is an ultimate pleaure.







Little, Cute, Sweet


Although Marc by Marc Jacobs broke up last month, Katie Hillier and Luella Bartley have bright prospects for their future. A new project titled Hillier Bartley is all around Instagram (I can’t wait to see what these two prepared for us!) – and Katie’s name-sake brand, HILLIER London, had it’s wbsite refreshed. The jewellery brand definitely gets the humour – her Bunny earrings are so cute while safety pin theme feels perfectly naive, but sharp at the same time. HILLIER’s jewellery items are pretty small and delicate, but eye-catchy. And the fresh campaign is beautiful in it’s gentle manner.

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Rodbjer X Pamela Love


My beloved Scandi brand from New York, after showing it’s SS15 collection, told us who stands behind their amazing jewellery no wonder why it’s so beautiful- it’s by Pamela Love. The American jewellery designer linked up with Carin Rodebjer, to create a quiet, natural capsule of bracelets and earrings. Using raw minerals and metal, the jewellery perfectly matched the motto of the collection: The Raw Power. With the ethnic dresses and hand-stitched embroideries, Pamela Love’s pieces simply look undeniable and perfect.



pamela love


Bing Bang NYC

Tiny_Baguette_Ring_yellow-Clear_grandeI am a person, which thinks that Instagram is a mine of creative minds and beauty. One of the examples is Bing Bang NYC, jewellery brand which is really, really on my mind. Bing and Bang – like most four letter words – are far bigger than the sum of their parts. And that’s totally true. With Anna Sheffield as the founder, BB’s backround in the blacksmith’s shop still holds true today, with use of hammer and anvil in the making of products, most of which are made in the New York studio. Bing Bang’s aesthetics is all about the Punk Rock, Native American arts and luck amulets, Victorian keepsakes and the strong street culture of NYC. Their amazing rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets in gold, pink rose and silver look always classy and fun. They are not too formal, but also smart and timeless. And their Instagram account is dreamy… it’s all about the stylish bling-bling of Bing Bang’s world! 

zdjęcie 1WWW_trinity_midi_ring_set_grandezdjęcie 2-kopiazdjęcie 3-kopia 2Tiny_Skull_Ring_Set_rose_grandezdjęcie 3-kopiatiny_skull_cuff_brass_grandezdjęcie 2crystal_shard_ring_grandezdjęcie 4-kopiafuck_grandezdjęcie 1-kopiaBingBang050913_0054_grande


Jill Platner

20140805-071856 PM-69536241.jpg

When two years ago I was in New York, I had a chance to visit Jill Platner store on 113 Crosby Street in SoHO. However, I didn’t really get interested in it, but thanks god, I took one of their beautiful postcards… and guess what, I found it today during the summer cleaning! I checked their site, their store and I am so fascinated in it right now! For over 20 years, Jill Platner has created jewelry and sculpture from different metals like gold or silver. In 1998 she opened a shop on SoHo’s Crosby Street. The space has not only served as a retail outlet for her jewelry, but a gallery for her sculpture as well. At the center of Jill’s work is a fluid sense of movement, inspired by both organic and urban forms like feathers or tree branches. Jewelry designs are conceived with an innate sense of how they will look and feel on the body. Hinged pieces drape like fabric, and hammered metals beg to be picked up and felt. Every piece has a unique physical presence and tactile quality. A simple elegance underscores everything Jill does. And the monumental sculptures which hang from the ceilings remind me of over-sized fish bone sculptures or something alike… in other words, while being in New York the next time, you must check out this beautiful store and Platner’s style!

20140805-073542 PM-70542256.jpg

20140805-073541 PM-70541696.jpg

20140805-073543 PM-70543087.jpg

20140805-073606 PM-70566837.jpg

20140805-073607 PM-70567475.jpg

20140805-073608 PM-70568003.jpg

20140805-073622 PM-70582769.jpg

20140805-073623 PM-70583457.jpg

20140805-073622 PM-70582212.jpg

20140805-073653 PM-70613584.jpg

20140805-073655 PM-70615190.jpg

20140805-073654 PM-70614364.jpg

20140805-073709 PM-70629047.jpg

20140805-073710 PM-70630091.jpg

Celine’s AW14 Jewellery


Phoebe Philo’s Celine jewellery line rules. One ear earring that looks like a mini chandelier; then the crystal over-sized bracelets in olive, khaki, purple and blue are so damn good. Maybe these pieces aren’t the most minimalistic and casual, but surely one of these bracelets will steal he spotlight of the whole evening outfit.












Serti Sur Vide


What I always love about Gaia Repossi is the way she pushes the boundaries of fine jewellery, keeping the storied skills of the craftsmen that came before her. With every collection, she never fails to excite with the modern take on metalwork with no lack of diamonds or gold. And at the same time, her jewellery for Repossi is perfect for everyday life- it’s simple and effortless. Here is a closer looks at the new collection that was presented in Paris during the Haute Couture week.

zdjęcie 4-kopia 2


zdjęcie 1-kopia 2


zdjęcie 1-kopia 3

zdjęcie 2-kopia 2



zdjęcie 5-kopia 2


Men’s: Le Gramme


Le Gramme is a french contemporary jewellery label dedicated entirely to men (although they have female fans).Born from the encounter of Adrien Messié (former collaborator of Andrée Putman) and Erwan Le Louër (founder of the Ethical Jewelry label JEM), Le Gramme is a response to their common passion for materials and design, and to their desire to explore a masculine style philosophy. Made out of recycled silver and red-gold, the thin or thick bracelet is named after it’s gram weight, as a poethetic reference towards the international unit.



I made prototypes with a jeweler in Paris. When it came time to pay, he asked me to not only pay for the labor but also for the weight of the bracelets. So I thought I would name each bracelet by its density,” Adrien explained. Le Gramme’s naming scheme is very specific as a result: all the pertinent information is laser-engraved onto the bracelet, so you know exactly what you’re buying, whether you choose the wide 41g bracelet or the subtle 7g.



Celine Pre-Fall 2014 Necklaces


A recent jewellery crush? These multi-coloured Celine necklaces for Pre-Fall’14. They own that ethno feeling… The necklaces have marble, plastic and metal in their “panels” and look really good with everything black! That lands our 1st of May wishlist.