Japonesque. Joseph SS15


“Contrast,” commented Joseph creative director Louise Trotter, “has always been a big theme for me.” This time, Louise really pushed the opposites, making clogs worn with white, striped socks, suede going with patent leather and making a London based brand feel a bit Japanese. The collection was simply everything nowadays fashion blogger-girls want (note Camille or Pernille)- toned, “ugly” clothes, socks and the minimal mood. A collection highlight, for instance, was the super-simple plonge leather tank dress worn by Sam Rollinson, which exemplified the less-was-more rule here. There were also some great denim pieces, a touch confused by the styling, and the knits and the sheer shirting popped, too. On the other hand, the sculpted sleeves were rather mannered, and the oversizing often came off slack. In the end, though, the show was convincing—you wanted to buy into the attitude. And that was the thing.





The Sweater Dress

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The idea of a sweater dress was evolved during the AW14 collections of Joseph and Acne Studios. Both of the labels produced one of the most practical piece for winter – which hard to state – is a sweater and a dress at one time. It’s of course made of wool, it’s long and over-sized. Might be worn for special occasions and also for not so special ones. Styled with boots, sneakers or heels, the sweater dress will always warm you and make you feel as comfortable as possible. Isn’t it genius? That’s the real thing to invest in…

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Shape It. Joseph AW14


Joseph, the British “affordable” label have just had it’s first runway collection. And it opens the London Fashion Week! With the hot British model Sam Rollinson who opened the show, the collection took a very interesting twist- architectural forms; biker jackets; British knitwear; fringes. So much happened! But all kept in black palette.
The collection was somewhere between Rei Kawabuko’s “clothes not to wear” and western movies with Clint Eastwood. If talking of the functionality of the clothes, it was also very Maison Martin Margiela- blazer worn over loose trousers and a white shirt.
With a little amuse in my head, I leave this collection for you to digest.