HC: Chanel’s Couture Venues



We had like everything: a No.5 fragrance bottle, lion, the little black jacket, cinema… even Corbusier. And that’s all about Chanel’s amazing venues, that wait for us each season during the Haute Couture seasons. Chanel is known for building over-the-top stage sets whose sense of drama rivals, and in some cases eclipses, the clothes. At the house’s fall/winter 2014 couture presentation last week at the Grand Palais, however, the setting was more modest, if no less elegant, than expected. Karl Lagerfeld showed his standout collection in a relaxed setting inspired by a 1930s Le Corbusier apartment. Minimalist, intimate-feeling rooms at either end of the space were each adorned with a gold oval baroque mirror sporting the trademark interlocking-C logo, placed over a digital fireplace. Here are the latest Chanel venues (and grandest):













HC: Blend of Two. Chanel AW14

20140709-075843 PM-71923173.jpg

Like the dying embers of a baroque world, a gilded mirror hung in a modernist white space above a digitally-flamed fire, at the Chanel Haute Couture show yesterday in Paris. For this collection, Karl Lagerfeld thought of his vision of modernism. White neoprene gowns with baroque embroideries; curvilinear forms of a Le Corbusier building, the cloth moulded in an egg shape around the body, without any side seams; 21st Cinderella dresses; and a strange blend of the famous Paris-Edinburgh & Paris-Dubai collections Karl did earlier this year. The collection in my opinion is a bit normal. And somehow, I prefer couture on heels. Please, no more gladiator sandals! P.s. The last look was shown by Ashleigh Good, the seven month pregnant model. She wore a white cape with splendorous, gold, embroidered back. That moment was the most special in the whole collection.

20140709-080822 PM-72502386.jpg

20140709-080822 PM-72502563.jpg

20140709-080822 PM-72502202.jpg

20140709-080832 PM-72512628.jpg

20140709-080832 PM-72512819.jpg

20140709-080832 PM-72512413.jpg

20140709-080845 PM-72525054.jpg

20140709-080844 PM-72524866.jpg

20140709-080844 PM-72524681.jpg

Dubai. Chanel Resort’15

Slide1-kopia 7

Making it big for the shows is pretty natural for Karl Lagerfeld, who already took us to St.Tropez, Miami, Antibes and Singapore for his Resort collections. This time, we travelled to Dubai, the city of United Arab Emirates, that’s full of gold, petrol and luxury. So, no wonder… the collection was presented on a special Chanel island, that had a carved double C all over it! However, the collection itself was one of the worst, unfortunately. It didn’t have that Dubai opulence I wished of! It had flowers, moons, Scottish checks, blond version of Diana Ross curls and a lot of strange themes that seemed to be useless. I suppose Dubai summers are so cold you need to wear socks-up-to-knee… I certainly loved the camel gown that Joan Smalls wore with flats and trousers trousers. Oh yeah, trousers- I see Arabian harems are bag in beige! And I am a little bit disappointed that we didn’t see Sebastien Jondeau in a Chanelized sheikh costume. That’s it!

About the artist: Abdul Qader Al Raes is an artist from Dubai made famous by his monumental art works in palaces and distinguished public spaces.








Coco’s Intermarche. Chanel AW14

Slide01 Karl Lagerfeld definitely starts to have more fun at Chanel than serious work process. Maybe that’s good… But this time the Grand Palais changed to a huge super market, full of Eau de Chanel, Jambon Cambon ham, Coco cereal, Pink Tweed champagne and CC rugs… the models wearing sporty sneakers and bright clothes, were simply wandering around the market, buying food, ketchup and other daily stuff. But of course wearing Chanel! The idea is really funny! If every women could afford Chanel, then they would buy it even in grocery stores… talking of the clothes, nothing new came across the runway. Strong pink verses gray tweeds. Embroideries looking like camellia flowers and of course the shoes. That were in reality embroidered Chanel trainers that looked like Nike… and let’s not forget the bags. Packed in foil to be 100% fresh or carried in shopping basket? Your choise.

Slide02 Slide03 Slide04 Slide05 Slide06 Slide07 Slide08 Slide09 Slide10

Dallas Baby! Chanel Pre-Fall’14

Slide01Everything that happens in Dallas, is big. Just as Chanel. The capital of Texas state in USA inspired so much Karl Lagerfeld, that his Metiers d’Art collection for Pre-Fall literally took place in one of the Rodeo barns.  It’s been a mutually beneficial match since way back in 1957, when Neiman Marcus’ Stanley Marcus, having embraced Coco Chanel’s 1954 comeback collection even as the French rejected it, gave Chanel the store’s Award for Distinguished Service in the field of fashion.
Slide02 Slide04 Slide05 Slide06Saskia de Brauw… Fantastic!
Slide03 Slide08 Slide09I want this men poncho, now.
Slide07In reality, 900 people came to the “Fair Park, home of the 1936 Texas Centennial Exposition and a National Historic Landmark” in Dallas city to see what Karl prepared for us. In American-English I would simply write: Oh gosh. This was amazing! And now normally- Yes. It was amazing. The Chanel collection for Fall was full of ponchos, chunky knitwear, cowboy hats and Rodeo chic (obviously). It seems that for Karl, fashion at Chanel is not a show after show, but it’s always a whole performance! Models phreshed down the runway in beautiful clothes, all in warm colours… Models like Erin Wasson (who is natively from Texas!) and Stella Tennant looked ‘gorg’ in their mustang jackets and cowgirl prints! But the star of the evening was definitely Miss Caroline de Maigret who was an Indian bride, wearing a feather made bonnet and white outfit… This closing of the show said one thing- Coco would be proud!
Slide10 Slide11Stella Tennant and Caroline de Maigret… So Dallas!
Slide12 Slide13 Slide14 Slide15 Slide16 This outfit at Jamie Bochert is the most beautiful of all in this collection!Slide17 Slide18 Slide19

Chic Candles

bougies_de_cr__ateurs_5139_north_990xToday it’s the 1st of December, and that means that the advent calendar begans till… 25th, so the most fun day of the year- Christmas! That means- presents, food and again presents. And as usually, you surely don’t know what to give to your friend for this festive day… Well, here are some great tips in form of candles, that will definitely make your Christmas present chic and stylish!
ambre_nuit_et_bois_br__l___de_christian_dior_128208458_north_545x.1DIOR Bois Brule / Ambre Nuit These are the newest fragrances from the private collection of Christian Dior scents- Bois and Ambre both remind of us of a magical scent taken from Parisian gardens. They are delicate, fragile and relaxing- perfect for a cozy evening! 

fh_celebration_2013_candle_1kg_cmyk_33x40_300dpi_986443585_north_545xNARCISO RODRIGUEZ for her This very feminine scent is celebrating 10 years of perfume for her. The New York designer Narciso Rodriguez has created a supersize citrus candle based on the musky fragrance of the label’s signature scent. We love the contrast of the black holder with the pretty pink of the candle, in perfect harmony with the designer’s style.

_untitled__de_maison_martin_margiela_322464755_north_545x.1MAISON MARTIN MARGIELA Untitled Famous for it’s artistic way of lifestyle, Margiela creates a Untitled candle fragrance. Very fresh, full of green ingredients- the owner is the master of minimalism!
karl_lagerfeld_x_welton_london_123465727_north_545x.1KARL LAGERFELD Perfumer John Paul London has created not one but three candles each with a distinctive scent: oriental, spicy and woody. Fragrances with real character.

infusion_de_rossetto_de_prada_723667302_north_545x.1PRADA Rossetto Full of candy and sweetnes, the Prada Infusion de Rossetto is a limited edition item, only availabel in Paris. Yum… _wonderwood_de_comme_des_gar__ons_421601479_north_545x.1COMME DES GARCONS Wonderwood With its woody undertones (sandalwood, cedar, cypress, lignum vitae and agarwood) and peppery top notes, Wonderwood, Comme de Garçons most iconic fragrance, has this season been transformed into a collector’s edition candle. Make sure you don’t miss this festive must-have.

Holiday_Collection_2013DIPTYQUE Pine Bark, Orange Chai, Indian Incense The first one is the “a clean, woody, smoky fragrance that combines pine and cedar with hinoki, the Japanese cypress”, next is “a mellow but not sweet accord of orange, quince and a mixture of Indian spices” and last is ” a mysterious, deep fragrance, dark and floral. Rose and carnation are balanced with incense and myrrh”. In other words, Diptyque does the most Christmas Holiday Collection of the year!

Creativity Crash

20131007-075658 AM.jpg
“Before Riccardo Tisci’s luxury automobile car pileup at the Givenchy spring show, he imagined an exclusive single car wreck for our Issue 3 cover story. One humorous show-goer called the accident a public service announcement against texting and driving. We will simply leave it as Riccardo crush!” CR Fashion Book

20131007-075925 AM.jpg

20131007-075931 AM.jpg

Chanel Resort 2014 Campaign

HANELHere is the first Resort 2014 campaign… and it’s of course Chanel that was taken by Karl Lagerfeld. The collection that was presented in Singapore and was inpired by Coco Chanel hobby of playing polo with her boyfriend, is now snapped in one of the preview photographs… what is it about? I think you need to ask Karl himself. But it’s still cool!Karl Lagerfeld Unveils His Cruise 2013/14 Collection For Chanel

Gallery. Chanel SS14

20131001-095516 PM.jpg
The Chanel SS14 was a big surprise for everyone. Maybe not from the clothing side (tweeds, bags and jackets are as always in the collection) but from the venue selection. Well… The Chanel collection happened in Grand Palais, but in a pretty original setting. It was a modern art gallery. The catwalk was in the middle, and on the sides were artistic installations and oaintings, all designed of course by master of Paris fashion- Karl Lagerfeld. There was a naked man, a double C sculpture made of No5 perfume bottles and even a trash bin full of. Chanel bag chains… In other words, only CHANEL. And the collection was simply amazingly, kawaii-cute, super cool. It felt Karl was still into the Shanghai topic like on his Resort collection, but in a more tweeted and Coco accentuated way. The collection was all about female artists and one colour- pink. Pink, pink, pink. This cute colour was like everywhere- on dresses, on jackets, on bags! Plus there was this paint-brush print on last looks- maybe it’s kind of trivial, but not for Lagerfeld. Theme of this Summer collection was moving the sense of fashion and art, about how they meet and full fill each other. In the Chanel edition, every piece of art is amazing (while most of it… Is fashion!).

20131001-100338 PM.jpg

20131001-100343 PM.jpg

20131001-100354 PM.jpg

20131001-100400 PM.jpg

20131001-100423 PM.jpg

20131001-100431 PM.jpg

20131001-100437 PM.jpg

20131001-100444 PM.jpg

20131001-100450 PM.jpg

20131001-100457 PM.jpg