Lulu Concept


If you are not a good observer, you won’t find LuLu concept store that easy. In Cracow, LuLu is hidden in Georgian-styled building with lots of wooden stairs and terrafes. It all feels a bit mysterious, but the elusive photography of a woman which hangs in the front really makes you want to know what’s there. But when you enter, still amused (and a bit exhausted) by the stairs, you see a huge wooden cabinet, huge wooden table and, overall, a huge wooden space full of cool, cheerful stuff- decorations, muppets, furniture, cushions… and many other cozy “must-have” living accessories. “We create a brand that combines vintage style with a modern interior. We are looking for original old items, trunks, lamps, mirrors, knick-knacks that add life and character of the interior.” I truly enjoyed that place.