Paris in Bloom

Paris is blooming! No other tune comes to my mind when I think of the beautiful, Parisian spring. “Heaven Scent” by Soulwax and Chloë Sevigny is the ultimate mood.

Send me your majestic rain of roses
So that I may share your grace
Bless me with blooms of lily
Blooms of violet
Blooms of buttercups
Blooms of lilac
Blooms of jasmine
Blooms of hyacinth
Blooms of honeysuckle
Blooms of magnolia
Blooms of gardenia
Blooms of tuberose
Let fall from Heaven, please,
The Shower of Flowers
Let me be anointed with the splendor of their perfumed essence
So that I may see the face of God
In all people, and in all experiences.

All photos by Edward Kanarecki.

(P.S. If you are inspired by my Parisian coverage, I’m really happy about, but please have in mind that now isn’t a safe time for any sorts of travelling. Stay at home!)

Parisian Roses are the Best Roses

20130325-100244 PM.jpg
Sebastian Mengozzi is a one of the best fluorist in Paris. His cozy boutique full of fresh flowers is located close to Balenciaga and Givenchy, on Rue Victor Hugo. The spring in Paris is pretty cold so we thought to come inside the flower shop. And it was like if whole flower power of Summer attacked as in middle of Paris! Roses, orchidee, magnolias, pivons… Colours were so various and the scent! I couldn’t resist any mor an bought two beautiful bouquets of pink roses to our hotel!

20130325-100704 PM.jpg

20130325-100718 PM.jpg

20130325-100731 PM.jpg

20130325-100745 PM.jpg

20130325-100759 PM.jpg