Junya Watanabe’s Techno Couture

Pre-Instagram times, a collection worth thousands of posts (and unforgettable, eye-catchy content…). Back in 2000, Junya Watanabe presented one of his most ethereal collections ever. At first glance, the honeycomb ruffs Watanabe showed in his “Techno Couture” line-up called to mind those seen in Rembrandt portraits. Well, not exactly: those starched confections couldn’t fold and be stored in an envelope, like Watanabe’s ground-breaking designs. They certainly weren’t made of a “techno” fabric like polyester chiffon, from which the designer created his exaggerated take on the ruff, transforming it from an accessory to a garment with an organic-meets-space-age aesthetic. The material might have been unknown in Rembrandt’s time, but its method of production – hand sewing – certainly was. In the above collage, some of my favourites looks from the collection interact with Malwina Konopacka‘s “Forms” collection of ceramic tableware.

Collage by Edward Kanarecki, ceramics and photo by Malwina Konopacka.

Jungle by Malwina Konopacka


Malwina Konopacka is one of the most promising new-gen talents coming from Poland. She has her own, precise vision of design and art. Or rather, a fresh combination of these two. JUNGLE is the name of new, limited edition of hand-painted ceramic vases made by the Warsaw-based illustrator and designer . The series consists of 20 individual leaf-motif vases, including 2 inspired by the works of Henri Rousseau, and 10 designs with gold elements. The artist continues to explore form, function and pattern, as she initiated with the first series of vases called OKO (The Eye), presented in 2014 (more here). But what makes me really proud as a Pole, is the fact, that Malwina and many other Polish designers will have their major exhibition at EXPO 2015 in Milan!

The JUNGLE collection will be presented at “The Polish Table. La Tavola Polacca” exhibition in the Polish Pavilion at EXPO 2015 in Milan between 13 – 27 September 2015.







Photography by Paulina Pajka

The Eye


Malwina Konopacka is a young, Polish artist which paints on porcelain and paper, creating a slightly nostalgic 60’s vibe around her works. Her recent cycle called “OKO” (The Eye) is all about her beautifully designed and printed vases, which truly make me think of Mondrian in a way. Spontaneously, the first vase was contrived when she was studying arts and design; then, her works were exhibited in Tokyo in order to present the world the design originating from Poland. The eye motif appeared since the beginning – as she states, painting on porcelain is a very relaxing thing to do. I already see one of her works in my house… Photos by Aga Bilska for USTA.

More on malwinakonopacka.com and at her exhibition „Oko by Malwina Konopacka”. Pies czy Suka in Warsaw, 13th of March till the 15th of April.