Danger. Marcelo Burlon SS14

The SS14 for Marcelo Burlon’s County of Milan label is a mix of his classical prints (note: the old faves of cool boys, the toxic snakes) and street style influence. As Marcelo was doing only t-shirts, this season the first time he designed the whole outfits- trousers, capes and jackets! With the huge amount of animals in the collection, definitely there are some all-time classics- parrots, pythons and eagles. What I really loved about the collection, was it’s easy way of presenting- models with tattoos and mates of Burlon. All the inspirations came from the homeland of Marcelo, Patagonia, where colourful prints and over sized clothes are present. Certainly, this is the most hype collection of Summer!
marcelo-burlon-spring-summer-2014-lookbook-03-300x450 marcelo-burlon-spring-summer-2014-lookbook-01-300x450 marcelo-burlon-spring-summer-2014-lookbook-08-300x450 marcelo-burlon-spring-summer-2014-lookbook-18-300x450 marcelo-burlon-spring-summer-2014-lookbook-02-300x450 marcelo-burlon-spring-summer-2014-lookbook-16-300x450 marcelo-burlon-spring-summer-2014-lookbook-04-300x450 marcelo-burlon-spring-summer-2014-lookbook-21-300x450 marcelo-burlon-spring-summer-2014-lookbook-10-300x450 marcelo-burlon-spring-summer-2014-lookbook-05-300x450 marcelo-burlon-spring-summer-2014-lookbook-09-300x450 marcelo-burlon-spring-summer-2014-lookbook-11-300x450 marcelo-burlon-spring-summer-2014-lookbook-12-300x450

MFW: Tommy Time!


The queen of Milanese Fashion Week, was of course Anna Dello Russo. She mastered the Celine tight sleevs dress, Loeve hairy shoes, Dolce & Gabbana mosaic dress, Givenchy printed sweater and Saint Laurent by Hedi Slimane grunge look. In other words, the highlights of AW13. But still, my favourite was Anya Ziourova in Celine. She looked so amazing in it! And the Marcelo Burlon t-shirt couple looks like fun… MFW, it’s your last day!















Munich: POOL

20130810-072259 PM.jpg

Munich is a great place for visiting, not only because of the great museums and monuments, but also for superb shopping! Today I will show you my three favourite places up here! And, if you want to see what is in stores, just see the labels on my Pages footside!

20130810-072324 PM.jpg
POOL Munich is the biggest hotspot for fashionistas… But, sorry to say, but it’s not as good as in past. Now they invest cheaper luxury labels like, everything is very teen and just “hot right now”. But, still I like it! Nowhere else I would buy a Marcelo Burlon new collection T-shirt! The interior is cool, artistic and minimalistic. So, it’s a good place for shopping, if you want to catch up with today’s trend, and on the next day… Forget it.

20130810-084837 PM.jpg

20130810-084850 PM.jpg

20130810-084908 PM.jpg

20130810-084925 PM.jpg

20130810-090739 PM.jpg

20130810-090750 PM.jpg

Marcelo Burlon SS14, Royal Baby ‘n Fashion, Tom Dixon Candles and More…

UnknownMarcelo Burlon’s SS14 printed t-shirts collection have just been launched few days ago. Marcelo did a really good job as always. These pieces have some of the most realistic prints I have ever seen! The classical Burlon’s snakes in brown colour, foxes and medusas are seen here, with a big dose of colour that may speak of the toxicness of the animals shown on the prints! “Here’s a family portrait to introduce myself on this new adventure. The photo portrays a group of friends, shot by photographer Laurence Ellis for the new Spring 2014 collection of my label, County of Milan, which represents my vision as a creative director. My inspiration comes from all my past experiences with PR and deejay gigs all over the world, mingling with the next generation of youth and diving into different subcultures. The graphics display symbols from the Tehuelches and Mapuches, the natives of my land, Patagonia, mixed with club and rave culture.” Marcelo told Style.com.county2The Royal Baby arrived, and now whole United Kingdom is crazy about it! Wish Kate the baby to live happily after all… But, not only England is nuts about the Royal Baby. Fashion is also all in it. Like for example Dior, Chanel and DsQuared! I truly loved the Royal Dummy by Karl Lagerfeld! The Dior sketches seemed to be too serious, but oppositely DsQuared went too cool… Queen Elisabeth won’t let her grandson to wear God Save the Queen t-shirt!karl-lagerfeld-640x959dsquared-boy-640x959dior-01-640x426dior-02-640x959dior-04-640x959Tom Dixon is a famous furniture designer from UK, that did really big things. For example one of these cubic lamps I love insanely… And, now as all senior masters, he did something that was pretty predictable. He went onto the Beauty & Fragrance side and designs three different perfumed candles. Don’t have a idea how do they smell, but look really stylish and modern! “A collection of three scented candles created to capture the essence of the travelling, trading and nostalgic past with the vibrant future of British life. The candle is encased in a nickel vessel and topped with a solid morwad marble lid.” Availble on Colette.fr!1434676b-cb93-45f9-9b67-9fe1ce4630f4EclecticbyTomDixonCandlesresized_eclectic-scented-candle-group-press-download-image-3_1I am always excited about Balenciaga jewellery. Even if Ghesquiere is out, the jewellery that Alexander Wang designs for the French house is as good as the past one. At the Resort 2014, that was a big fail, beautiful gold bracelet was seen. The semi circle elements were connected with small spheres that gave the item a specific mechanism (very fexible) and touch. Looks real good, and may be even hotter that last Summer season’s gold rings!bl_bracebalenciaga_brPrada is doing big changes in it’s oldest boutique in Milan. The beautiful, traditionally decorated store of Prada in Vittorio Emanuelle Gallery is having a big makeover. The first floor will be untouched, but Miuccia Prada plans to do a conference/press/restaurant chamber, Prada art museum and something that will be used for relax. It all smells with modernity, and will we soon all see something crazy that is done from under Miuccia hands? Hopefully because it’s always amazing!4de9e38bd79ea52ccfe099133e8e0d3c3636cfa86331a145baecc54cdc7ed66af9d792f56da650dd76e18c303fb4d28bStill in Italy, I am recently inspired with the Italian luxury chic that was pleasant at Dolce & Gabbana and Robero Cavalli. It’s all about detail. And D&G was really beautuful (comparing to the Dolce boys financial situation). Inspired with antic mosaics from Italian cathedrals, the dresses and bags looked like if they were cut out from one of the walls of a Sicilian holy place! Gucci was all about gold embroidments, and Roberto Cavalli was as precious as an ancient statue. The last two pictures are created by me! The first shows Dolce&Gabbana, the seconf, from up left to bottom right: Gucci, Antonio Marras, Prada, Roberto Cavalli, Gucci! Slide2-kopia 2Slide1-kopia 6

Zurich: Fidelio, local art and more…

Fidelio is a magic place in Zurich. Why? Because there is this equation: ACNE+MARCELO BURLON+COMME DES GARÇONS=AMAZING SHOP! All the clothes there were marvelous. My beloved piece was the Marcelo Burlon t-shirt with red snakes! I was looking for it like for ages. Then there were also cool Acne boots with turquoise sole… That they were too big for me. I hope they will wait for me next year… And they are on SALE! What’s more; I fell in love with this overloose Comme des Garcons coat with zippers. But it was really unpractical. However the biggest happiness gave me that I could see it! Here are pics of the biggest highlights:

20130101-040946 PM.jpg

20130101-041006 PM.jpg

20130101-041013 PM.jpg

20130101-041020 PM.jpg
And now of the phenomen of Zurich- in big amount of shops there are those small, cute puppies! And the sweetest one of all was the York from Agent Provocateur.

20130101-041237 PM.jpg

20130101-041247 PM.jpg
And the outfit of Lena- Shirt by Schumacher, Skirt by Lanvin, cardigan by Prada, stockings by Alaia, shoes by Isabel Marant

20130101-041703 PM.jpg
And the street art- Twinkle Bell, this yellow, small, flying elf. It was painted on one of the walls of houses.

20130101-041854 PM.jpg