Portimão is perfect in terms of visiting the Portuguese sea-side. Not only the local market is rich in freshly caught fish and fruits coming from the nearest orchards, but the  beach here is… a dream. Just as the restaurants, villas and pretty much everything. I can actually see myself living here, picking oranges and shells for days.

All photos by Edward Kanarecki.

Kreuzberg Market

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That’s not your average market. This one specific market, located along the Spree river, takes place every Tuesday and Friday and booms with the unbelievable diversity of Berlin‘s Kreuzberg district. Cultures and ethnicities clash on the stalls in form of vegetables, jewellery and even oriental bread types. The people here are so unbelievably beautiful. Sellers talk, laugh and are absolutely open for any kind of bargaining. The market-goers buy and pack everything neatly into their stylish baskets. It’s chaotic, but in a very organic way. 

All photos by Edward Kanarecki.

Myanmar: YANGON

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Yangon is the city of contrast. Full of holy places like the Shwedagon Pagoda or the old colonial Downtown built during the British colonisation, this city got a lot of beautiful city. For example the Bogyote market full of famous Burmese jadeite, flip ones, embroidery, londgy skirts and other great, local stuff. After the shopping fun in a loud crown of Myanmar’s traders and customers, we’ve went to the Downtown- the colonial quarters and it’s old buildings, such as, the old station or Port Yangon full of fresh crabs and fish. And the architecture here is like London’s- but mixed with a deep, virgin jungle.

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