The Jewellery Brands to Love Now!

If you’re bored of basic faux pearls and “boho”, moon-shaped blings, you’re in the right place. Mass, thoughtless production is out, and sustainability-forward creativity is in. Also, no need for Tiffany’s and Cartier (although I would never refuse them as a gift!). Now, thanks in large part to Instagram allowing brands to share their wares and us to discover emerging talent, there’s a plethora of brilliant jewellery labels making high quality pieces that won’t break the bank. Ahead, feast your eyes and souls on the following 10 niche brands that amaze in the world of jewellery.


From New York, with love. Dauphinette was founded in 2018 by Olivia Cheng, debuting with one-of-a-kind, Made-in-New York outerwear from recycled and byproduct fur and leather, vintage, and artisanal components. Cheng has since grown the brand to include handbags and accessories, plus a tightly conceptualized selection of ready-to-wear. The result is a dreamy collection of complex, optimistic, storied pieces – a feeling Cheng hopes to inspire in our wearers. Dauphinette’s jewellery line is all about fresh-from-the-garden flowers, planted on their signature wildflower seed paper cards. Each earring is one of its kind, while the bloom will always stay with you, regardless of the season. More on their site.


This brand will make you rethink jewellery. After obtaining a diploma in Fashion Design from Instituto Polimoda, the Florentine jewelry designer, Marco Panconesi, refined his craft at Givenchy under Riccardo Tisci before joining Balenciaga as director of men’s accessories. Before launching his namesake jewelry line in 2019, Panconesi originally sought a career in archeology; this affinity for the design sensibilities of ancient Greece and Rome has defined his oeuvre – his pieces resemble ancient artifacts that have been reworked, updated, and modernized. Heritage pieces are given a contemporary industrial twist: undulating shapes are engineered to express movement and mismatched elements complement one another to find new harmony. Hoop and drop earrings feature colorful gems and crystal-cut detailing while rings with precious stones appear as if recently excavated. By reinterpreting the past through a contemporary viewpoint, the Parisian label treads new aesthetic ground, creating pieces that are definitely unique in their approach to design construction and visual appeal. As heirlooms, Panconesi’s polished artifacts are intended to be passed down through the generations, coming to life with each new wearer. You should see those purple pearl enamel earrings or the spectacular crystal collar necklace. Oh, and of course this!

Grainne Morton

If Grainne Morton was to have a spirit animal, no doubt it would be the magpie. Instinctively and obsessively drawn to collecting and hoarding anything miniature or precious that catches her eye, many things you or I would overlook, Grainne has amassed an incredible collection of objects – all destined to find their place among the tales she weaves within her jewelled compositions. Born and raised in Northern Ireland, by creative and antique-loving parents, Grainne was immersed in and surrounded by the traditional crafts, folklore, music and fairy tales of the country. Perhaps it’s this beginning to her story that has now imbued her work with it’s somewhat contradictory nature? All at once vintage and contemporary, precious and non-precious, spontaneous and ordered, junk and treasure… this could well be a description of Grainne’s motherland, itself. Her individuality, and the expression of that – primarily through clothes, style and the considered presentation of herself – is engrained in each piece of jewellery she makes. Each piece, carefully choreographed, the arranging and re-arranging of little objects, and precious things, moved and re-placed until they establish a relationship to each other. And tell a story to the viewer. Discover the label right here.

Joanne Burke

English artist living in Rome, Joanne Burke creates exquisite pieces of jewellery made from bronze. An antique jewellery collector herself, Joanne always knew she wanted to make her own jewels. She wanted to create pieces that translate her own world rather than someone else’s symbology and beliefs. For Joanne it was never about designing trends or collections; she started making “little sculptures”, as she describes them, for herself and her friends wanted to buy them. Taking inspiration from women, men, magic, power, animals, ugliness and humor; her pieces are like little creatures full of character and a soul of their own. More of her artworks are here.

Silvia Furmanovich

Furmanovich’s label might be the priciest in this pack, but no wonder why. Her designs are true treasures. The designer was born in São Paulo, Brazil, to a line of Italian goldsmiths. Her great-grandfather created sacred adornments for the Vatican and her father worked as a goldsmith. “He taught me the importance of craftsmanship,” she says. “I learned to pay attention to every hinge and every clasp.” She established an appointment-only jewelry business in 1998 and opened her first standalone boutique in São Paulo in 2009. She now has two boutiques in São Paulo, where her atelier is located. Furmanovich’s daring designs combine her meticulous attention to detail with her wide-ranging passions for innovative craftsmanship, the natural world, ancient cultures and unusual materials. And while her lifelong love of travel has informed many of her collections, her interpretation of those cultures – from Egypt to Japan – is rarely straightforward. Employing a unique alchemy of found artifacts, traditional techniques and materials both humble and precious, the designer creates wearable art that feels timeless and one-of-a-kind. Among the unusual elements she has used in her collections are wood marquetry, ebony, oxidized copper, vintage lacquer, shells, woven bamboo and netsukes (small sculptural adornments worn on kimonos); these are balanced by the rich opulence of yellow gold, rose gold, diamonds and the dazzling colored gemstones for which Brazil is known. What do you say about those glorious marquetry masterpieces with moonstone and diamonds or the ones with citrine stones?

Sopho Gongliashvili

Georgia has its finest fashion designers: Demna Gvasalia, Lako Bukia, Gola Damian, George Keburia, Aleksandre Akhalkatsishvili… how about jewellery? Recently I’ve discovered Sopho Gongliashvili, who as well does incredible knitwear (this needs a separate post!). Sopho tells stories through her jewels and the art of cloisonnè, also know as byzantine luster, wich becomes even more precious in her pieces. The use of colors and the ability to build micro-stories by drawing with those tiny silver threads makes her work a true stand-out. More of her brilliant works are right here.

Mondo Mondo

If your jewellery aesthetic is close to vintage Christian Lacroix and Chanel, Mondo Mondo is the contemporary alternative. Natasha Ghosn creates her a jewellery and fragrance label in Los Angeles. Mondo Mondo provides a visual and sensual world inspired by archaic wonders and baroque ornamentation. The brand’s name utilizes the ancient art of storytelling to guide our designs to fruition. Intrinsically archetypal, Ghosn’s pieces become both personal and universal. If you love it the way I do, click here.

Sophie Buhai

Buhai is my favourite jewellery brand from USA. Sophie’s boutique jewelry company is as well based in Los Angeles. Masterfully handcrafted by local silversmiths of sustainably-sourced sterling silver, each of Buhai’s pieces showcases the designer’s refined vision. Recalling the elegant minimalism of 1970’s modernism, tubular chokers and egg-shaped pendant necklaces rendered in solid polished sterling silver feature sculptural silhouettes and organic geometries. Oblong hoop earrings, bangle bracelets, rings, and spherical drop earrings possess a timeless quality, with tiger’s eye and lapis lazuli gemstones lending a touch of novelty. My current favourites coming from the label’s spring-summer collection: silver heart ring, essential pearl earrings, an elegant scrunchie in yellow, the gorgeous gold-tone multi-stone earrings and the timeless large pearl choker.


Launched in 2014 by Rosh Mahtani, this London-based jewellery label is inspired by Dante Alighieri’s epic poem Divine Comedy. Cast in 24 carat gold-plated bronze, Alighieri’s medallion necklaces, mismatched earrings and hair accessories are influenced by literature and adventure. The designs are battered, imperfect and a little bit infused with melancholy, with each one crafted sustainably from recycled bronze through the process of lost-wax casting. From whirlwind adventures and mythical creatures to scraggy landscapes and passionate mistakes, each one has its own story. Fall in love with “The Curator” amulet, yellow gold “The Dusky Hue” bracelet, “The Initial Spark” earrings, “The Curator of the Moon” earrings and “Gold LIncognito” necklace.


The Milan-based label has one of the most fantastic jewellery lines in town. Their silver brass rounded earrings won’t get unnoticed, since each of them is individually hand-rubberized in boldly-coloured rubber. Sunnei’s other jewellery feautures fun XXL-sized rhinestones that hang on chains in a nonchalant, arty manner. See the entire selection here!


One more thing… this silk hair clip by Sophie Buhai! Hair accessories are jewellery in their own rights.


That’s it! If you’ve got a great jewellery discovery to share or think that the list misses something – would be grateful to see your comments below!


P.s. In this post, I happen to endorse products I genuinely love. If you end up buying something through the links, my site might earn an affiliate commission – which is always nice!

Collage by Edward Kanarecki

(The Last Moment) Great Gifts To Give!

Giving gifts is a special moment. But what’s even more special is finding them! Here’s a (pretty much) last moment guide of great gifts to give this Christmas to your closest (or to yourself, of course). Scroll down for magical pearl pendants, surreal ceramic mugs, hand-crafted bags, very pricey vintage, heaven scents and incredible, statement pieces! And a few blankets, of course.

This The Vampire’s Wife velvet silk blend dress in red is fit for a Christmas dinner goddess.

Ormaie Paris is about perfumes that will blow your mind sensually and visually (just look at their fabulous flacons). I want Toï Toï Toï, which means a German expression ballet dancers say to wish good luck before going on to perform. The fragrance evokes the polished wooden boards of the stage and the dancer’s waxed ballet shoes. More here.

Phaidon re-released Grace: Thirty Years of Fashion at Vogue. And, yes, it’s signed by Grace Coddington. Click, click. Adding it to my cart.

This Loewe bunny bag is so cuuuute. Maybe it’s not a life necessity, but then… why not? Available right here.

Boston’s Covet & Lou has some statement pieces that will perfectly fit under the Christmas tree. How about this A Détacher skirt and No.6 fur loafers?

The XXL faux fur bag from Pajonk (a Polish brand worth having on your radar) will be there for you in 2019, I guarantee you. More up on the designer’s site.

Re-See Paris has the best, hand-picked vintage out there. Chosing two things is hard, while chosing one is impossible. Treat yourself with a vintage Vogue and their delicious Alaïa selection.

Lemaire‘s molded leather bag in yellow equals a dream bag.




What a boy really want is this Haider Ackermann reversible velvet bomber jacket. No explanations needed.

Alighieri has some of the most beautiful and magical pendants out there. This one from Matches is gold-plated and has a baroque-inspired pearl. A true treasure.

When I saw those new season jug bags from Rosie Assoulin, I instantly felt in love with their authentic artiness. They are still on pre-order, but maybe it’s worth waiting a bit and receive your Christmas gift as good start of 2019? Some are made with a latex-and-pigment combination, inspired with Gaetano Pesce’s iconic furniture. Love.

I’m not sure if at the time I’m writing this, they aren’t all gone. Botticelli Ceramics proves that some of the most incredible things can be found right here, on Instagram. I’m dying to get my hands on one of those very limited edition, one-of-a-kind ceramics coming straight from Marc Armitano Domingo’s studio.  “Inspired by art, Wunderkammer, and music from the 16th, 17th, and 18th centuries”, Marc creates plates and mugs with 3D flowers, bees, boobies and eyes. And not only. Too obsessed with those artworks. You can buy them here.

This Jacquemus straw hat continues to break the internet. Enter the new year boldly, wearing it with an outfit as warm as Simone Porte’s favourite, beach-y colour palette.

Acne Studios is always filled with goodies. Please consider their new limited edition interior décor, just like the new men’s knits. Wouldn’t mind spending an evening covered up with all that fleecy wool!


Mr Porter US //

Let’s carry on. Maryam Nassir Zadeh has this 100% virgin wool sweater. That’s a gift that will keep on giving for years!

If you read my journal, you might already know my major obsession with everything Mondo Mondo does. The Janus ring (available in sterling silver and brass) is a must-have from this Los Angeles-based brand.

Blame Jeff Goldblum for making those Prada shirts so flame hot. Forever on my wishlist.

Another thing a guy will love: Bode‘s quilted jacket. This workwear jacket is made from a 1940’s album–patterned quilt. The quilt contains bits and pieces of men’s shirting, as well as a number of other checked cotton fabrics. Will look perfect with a pair of corduroy pants, as well coming from this New York-based brand.

Byredo‘s Eleventh Hour is an experience of its own kind, I tell you. You will get completely addicted.

If somebody ever gifts me this Calvin Klein 205W39NYC x Pendleton wool and cotton-blend blanket, I will marry them immediately.

Hope my public Santa Claus letter helps a bit!



#InstaLOVE – November 2018


I’m an Instagram maniac and I openly confess that I spend too much time on filtering my feed. But it’s irresistible, when you have so many great accounts to follow! If you are ready for a dose of beautifully curated walls, inspiring photos and delightful shots – see my November recommendations!

@raquelcayre / Raquel Cayre is a furniture advisor, collector and curator based in New York. Her work has been featured in Vogue, Architectural Digest and others. If you love very, very good design, make sure to follow her. I can’t thank her enough for posting pics from Paul Rudolph’s Heritage Foundation – the multi-storey townhouse filled with plants, glass and art. Also, those captured moments from Azzedine Alaïa’s Apartment! OH MY!

@johnnydufort / Raw, subversive, disturbing, strange – this is how you can describe Johnny Dufort’s photography. Especially, when his editorials feature styling from Lotta Volkova. That’s a match made in (an upside down) heaven. Big love.

@mondomondoshop / Mondo Mondo (which I wrote about right here) has just opened its store in Los Angeles. Those who might find the distance quite a barrier to visit Natasha Ghosn’s spot should click the blue button of her store-dedicate account. The way she displays her goods is so, so fresh.

@cixous72 / Cixous72 is a curated boutique and arts collective providing a platform for creators to market and exhibit their work. They offer jewelry, accessories, garments, and limited-run prints and publications through their subsidiary press, 72 Press. A place to visit when in Brooklyn (by appointment!). Obsessed with their gram, which is an endless inspiration scroll.

@seanewyork / Another brand-slash-store! Sea can be shortly described as the New York-based A.P.C. – but then, it’s different. Gorgeous knits, chic pencil skirts, even more great sweaters. Adore their Christmas decor at their flagship boutique.

AND, if you want to follow one more account on Instagram… why don’t you follow, ta-da, @designandculturebyed?


Mondo Mondo

Mondo Mondo is a jewelry and fragrance label based in Los Angeles. The brand provides a visual and sensual world inspired by archaic wonders and baroque ornamentation – there’s nothing simple about it, that’s for sure. Mondo Mondo, a name chosen for its cinematic undertones,  utilizes the ancient art of storytelling to guide the designs. Intrinsically archetypal, Natasha Ghosn’s pieces become both personal and universal. Whether it’s a heart pendant, ‘Soleil’ earrings with rhinestone chains or (my favourite) ‘Friend’ ring in sterling, there’s something magical about those made to order goodies. The fragrance line by Ghosn is equally elusive, yet appealing. The descriptions of the six perfumes make you dream. I Like You In Velvet is summed in the following way: “in an iridescent cloud of iris and carrots I found my expression. Silk gloves, lipstick wax, silver like the movies. Ballet, jazz, and modern dance, too.” Then, we’ve got the greenish Cowboy. “Here the spirit of the Cowboy is represented as The Fool in this unisex fragrance. He is free, naive, and fearless. You can find him sleeping peacefully under the stars.” Tobacco, leather and grass combined with honeysuckle and coffee must be some sort of nasal ecstasy. Would love to try each of them, but the brand sadly doesn’t ship alcohol-based products to Europe. Still, whether you’re in USA or not, check out Mondo Mondo’s site for more!