Jean Paul Gaultier at Grand Palais


Nicknamed “the enfant terrible of fashion” by the press since his first shows in the 70’s, Jean Paul Gaultier is undoubtedly one of the most important and avant-garde fashion designers of recent decades. Made between 1971 and 2015, the examples of his bold creativity have for the most part never been on public display like now at Grand Palais in Paris. His couture and ready-to-wear which always seemed to be different, very early caught on concerns and challenges of a multicultural society, playfully imposing aesthetic codes. More than any other couturier, this exhibition expresses his humanity. The whole event is divided into few “periods” of his career in fashion. The Odyssey refers to what might be named the “founding myths” of Paul’s universe – mariner chic and his signature stripes, mermaids and long sea voyages. Then, Gaultier had his vision of punk, but in a cancan version. Fascinated by the Paris of Belle Epoque, Toulouse Lautrec, the Moulin Rouge and Brassai, the couturier used to mix frivolous and flirty silhouettes with rebellious fashion outings and contoversy-causing way of dressing. From the beginning, the enfant terrible was attracted to unconventional beauties. Muses. Madonna, Kylie Minouge, Beth Ditto, Rossy De Palma and many more women and men who were full of “spark” gave Jean Paul Gaultier inspiration. Even the clothes he designed for Luc Besson’s film, Fifth Element, were designed by him because he felt close to the directors strong vision and imagination. I

n his collections, Gaultier questioned the concepts of gender, nudity and eroticism. While basing his ideas on those, Jean started to use textiles that weren’t used in couture before – latex, leather, fish net, harness and other fabrics that are associated with the word sexy. He offered hypersexualised clothing (like corset dresses) and evoked a new type of romance and fetishism in the world of fashion. In the last section of the exhibition, you can see the Urban Jungle – a fierce dose of colour and references to various ethnic groups. bullfighter bolero jackets, the shtreimel and long coats made of rabbits, gilets from Mongolia, geisha kimonos, flamenco skirts and African masks as the new bride alternative. And all of that modified with his long-time signatures – corset silhouettes and intense emphasis on details. Seeing all of these stages of Gaultier’s career seemed like a dream-come-true. And having a chance to observe and have a look at all those clothes, scenarios and extravagance felt quite insane, but great.

























Paris: Alaia at Le Galliera

Slide01 Alaia is one of the most important fashion visionaires in the history. His body dresses, great craftmanship, beauty of the fabrics and fairy-tale creations are beloved by the biggest fashionistas, models, curators, journalists and others. Azzedine Alaia is so previledged, that he can show his collections whenever he wants. And 2013 was his year. Firstly, he opened a new flagship store in Paris. And then, monsieur A.A. got a great exhibition in Musee Galliera. In this museum, you can see the most important and out of this world gowns made out of metal, coats with crocodile tails and sea-shells on bustiers. After seeing it all, I am still amazed about how this man changed the fashion world, making young designers inspired by him. And I recomend you, to go there too. And fast because the exhibition closes on January 26!Slide02 Slide03 Azzedine-Alaia-12-Vogue-2Oct13-Patrick-Demarchelier_b Slide04 Slide05 Slide06 Slide07 Slide08 Slide09 Slide10

Berlin: Hamburger Bahnhof

zdjęcie 1Body Pressure– Sculptures since the 1960’s examines the many different approaches to the human figure in contemporary sculpture through a selection of works from the collections of the National Galeries in Berlin. Free of any exhibition architecture, the expansive Historic Hall is transformed into a light-flooded “sculpture garden”. Often fragmented and abstract the figurative sculpture of the present always negotiates our contemporary social and cultural context.zdjęcie 4The Historic Hallzdjęcie 4-kopiaFriederike Pezold- The New Embodied Sign Language According to the Laws of Anatomy, Geometry and Kinetic- 1973/1976zdjęcie 5Paul McCarthy- Michael Jackson and Bubbles- 1997-1999zdjęcie 1-kopiaDuane Hanson- Lady with Shopping Bags- 1972zdjęcie 2-kopiaRyan Gander- The Artwork Nobody Knows- 2011zdjęcie 3-kopiaMartin Kippenberger- Martin, Into The Corner, you should be Ashamed of Yourself- 1989zdjęcie 2-kopia 5Hamburger Bahnhof, one of the National Galleries in Berlin, is a huge concentration of modern art by the most famous artist like Marc Quinn, Marina Abramovic or Andy Warhol. With it’s amazing space and architecture, the museum is Berlin’s biggest modern art highlight! Always you can find here a fantastic exhibition just like the Body Pressure that is currently happening. During your next time travel to the Germany’s capital, don’t forget to visit Hamburger Bahnhof!
zdjęcie 1-kopia 4 zdjęcie 3-kopia 4 zdjęcie 5-kopia 3Anselm Kiefer’s LILITH AM ROTEN MEER
zdjęcie 4-kopia 4Andy Warhol’s ELVIS
zdjęcie 2Ernst Bloch’s DAILY INTO THE BLUE
zdjęcie 3 zdjęcie 5-kopia

Look Du Jour: In The Castle

20131019-085728 PM.jpg
Today we had lots of fun in the Goluchow castle in one of the most beautiful parks in Poland… The castle built by the rich family of Chartoryski’s, decorated with marble columns, oak staircases and beautiful sculptures, made us all really impressed. And the park’s landscape looked so artistic and beautiful! So the best thing to show the awesomeness of this place, is to show Lena’s outfit of the day… Coat by Balenciaga, sweater and bag by Celine, sweatpants and shoes by Brunello Cucinelli, fur scarf custom made.

20131019-090644 PM.jpg

20131019-090650 PM.jpg

20131019-090658 PM.jpg

20131019-090704 PM.jpg

20131019-090714 PM.jpg

20131019-090721 PM.jpg

20131019-090741 PM.jpg

20131019-090753 PM.jpg

20131019-090759 PM.jpg

20131019-090807 PM.jpg

20131019-090814 PM.jpg

20131019-090822 PM.jpg

ALAÏA The Exhibition

20131001-065829 AM.jpg
The Palais Galliera is honouring the French fashion icon, Azzedine Alaia, with a huge exhibition. This is the first Paris retrospective, and is viewed in the Matisse Room, were the dresses, jackets and skirts are showed. In the gallery, that was renovated by City of Paris, now we can see biggest hits of the body-dressing master, that is till now celebrated and loved my Naomi Campbell and Stephanie Seymour. “I make clothes, women make fashion”.

20131001-070650 AM.jpg

20131001-070657 AM.jpg

20131001-070704 AM.jpg

20131001-070710 AM.jpg

20131001-070716 AM.jpg

20131001-070722 AM.jpg

20131001-070734 AM.jpg

20131001-070741 AM.jpg

20131001-070756 AM.jpg

20131001-070807 AM.jpg

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20131001-070820 AM.jpg

20131001-070825 AM.jpg