Black Says Don’t Bother Me

20131226-104317 PM.jpg
I know it’s a bit out of date since Christmas fun ends today, but… Still, the Christmas feeling is not appearing to go away. The Alexander Wang’s New York flagship store in SoHO just got a Festive Season makeover. No wonder in what colour- black. Black only. The colour that is best friend of Wang. Decorated with black Christmas trees and teddy bears, the boutique looks as always raw and cold, but… Special. By this occasion, I also had a peek at the Resort 2014 collection of Alexander’s line, and just noticed how great it is for New Year Eve! Of course, it’s great for people who prefer black & white elegance than fussy-flossy sequins. Simple, sexy white dresses and black masculine suits are seen in the collection, while the shoes look comfortable and pretty cool. Worn with some silver jewellery and leather hand-bags, the outfits seem to be very occasional, but at the same time good for other events in the upcoming year…. Will you choose black for your New Year Eve galore? 20131226-105441 PM.jpg20131226-105447 PM.jpg20131226-105453 PM.jpg

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