Clothes To Love and Live In. The Elder Statesman SS20

Post-fashion-month, now there’s time to look closer at the labels that aren’t looking for fashion show spotlight. The Elder Statesman is one of my favourite labels that are under the radar and its spring-summer 2020 is all about good vibes (yes, really, I used this expression – but it matches the collection perfectly!). Greg Chait has turned The Elder Statesman into the coolest of cool and the luxe-est of luxe: the proof is in the many copycats of his tie-dye knitwear and slouchy casual spirit. For summer, Chait offers body-cropped hoodies, shirtdresses in woven, dyed jeans, and the mentioned tie-dye knits. Chait takes great pride in the cashmere, cotton, and wool blends he uses, many of which he develops himself with his team. These products are beautiful, but they are also made to wear and to be lived and loved in.

Collage by Edward Kanarecki.

Peacoat. Altuzarra Pre-Fall’14

20131205-055705 PM.jpg
Joseph Altuzarra’s New York based label Altuzarra had it’s first ever Pre-Fall collection launched yesterday. As the brand is sponsored and owned by Kering Group, this elegant label shows it’s best this Pre-Fall season. The classical peacots, Romanian blouses, French stripes… Altuzarra is showing it’s sex-appeal and NY chic in all of these looks. Beautiful colours like red, beige and orange were amazingly composed in checked dresses and skirts… The Altuzarra woman for fall is elegant, but keeps it modern and sexy for everyday! And… Some good news are coming- mules are trendy for good. Just have a look!

20131205-060554 PM.jpg

20131205-060603 PM.jpg

20131205-060612 PM.jpg

20131205-060620 PM.jpg

20131205-060626 PM.jpg

20131205-060633 PM.jpg

20131205-060639 PM.jpg

Victoria Beckham X Theresa

20131116-044953 PM.jpg

On the 15th of November, at the Theresa store on Maffeistraße 3 in Munich, a very special and one-in-a-kind event took place. While I was arriving to the store, a big mass of people stood there, with cameras and phones. Then I thought, that this is something really big. After a stare of people around me, I entered the warm place, where labels like Celine, Saint Laurent or Dries Van Noten got their hangers on. The event was happening on the second floor, so when I went upstairs, I was pleasantly surprised… The atmospheric music was on, Veuve Clicquot was poured into the champagne glasses and white roses mixed with Diptyque candle aroma gave an delicate, but refreshing scent around the space.
Excited, I didn’t know at what should I be concentrated first- at the amazing dresses, guest’s outfits or chatting with others about the event… Then I saw Justin O’Shea, the main shopper for Mytheresa, whose style is my favourite to watch during the fashion weeks! After having a small talk with him about the whole party, the most expected moment came- the biggest star of the evening arrived! Her fragile and as always chic posture moved promptly into the centre of the room. Yes, that was Victoria Beckham. Full of grace, wearing a coat from her new collection and killer-heels on, Victoria was at Mytheresa and hosted the party. Taking mine place in the front row (believe me, seeing your name in then front row is a mind-blowing experience!) the show started. As I discovered from Justin, the whole trunk-show was about Beckham’s first ever Resort collection. So, while the models wore all these super sexy and full of colour dresses and coats for Spring, Victoria was telling about her inspirations, occasions for wearing these treasures and the way she styles them . And the best thing was, that Victoria commented at these in such a humorous way, that she immediately made the atmosphere warm and friendly! All the models looked beautifully, just as the outfits they had on!
When the show ended, there was a time for having a short Hello with Victoria Beckham, and a photo taken with her. I was quite shocked, so I just could say “I am happy to meet you” to her, but thankfully Victoria supported me with an answer back and a little hug… After this short meeting with the designer, there was a time to try the dresses from the main line, Victoria by Victoria Beckham and Denim from the Resort 2014 collection, plus seeing up close the stylish totes and mirror clutches. The detailing was really impressive, just as the quality of fabrics- very soft and stretchy. I really fell in love with everything that was orange- this energetic colour looked even more fun in Victoria edition. The classical bags from the main line are already iconic for their delicate leather and minimalistic forms, while the exclusive Mytheresa box-clutches with metallic reflections and custom leather details on, surely will be soon the new bestsellers!
Writing this, I still feel super happy and honoured to be invited for this event together with Lena. Only 50 customers world-wide of Mytheresa could get their invitations, so this is an additional privilege. I met so many amazing people and fashion experts in one place. And of course seeing Victoria for real was incredible. Surely this experience will be for me unforgettable! Thank you very much, Mytheresa!

20131116-045033 PM.jpg

20131116-045004 PM.jpg

20131116-045014 PM.jpg

20131116-045022 PM.jpg

20131116-045047 PM.jpg

20131116-045103 PM.jpg

20131116-045147 PM.jpg

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20131116-045515 PM.jpg

20131116-045448 PM.jpg

20131116-045537 PM.jpg
All photos Courtesy of DESIGN & CULTURE by ED

Abstract. Roksanda Ilincic SS14

Slide01SS14 for Roksanda Ilincic meant only one thing- art. This collection was really suprisingly good- all these yellow colours, geometrical patterns- just like if taken out of one of the Mondrian paintings! Roksnda again mixes volume in that superb collection with over-large jackets and flowless printed skirts. Surely, this was one of better things Roksanda did for few seasons- this was so refreshing and nice! All these colourful stripes and awesome embroideries are kind of new to Ilincic- after many seasons of same, boring dresses with over sized sleeves started to be a bit too monotone… But this time Roksanda Ilincic impressed me for Summer!Slide02Slide03Slide04Slide05