About Paris(ian Style). Louis Vuitton AW23

Finally, a Louis Vuitton collection by Nicolas Ghesquière that doesn’t look like a cartoon. The concept for the autumn-winter 2023 collection came to Ghesquière after returning home from traveling last year, when the world was finally opening up again. “What is French style?” he said. “It’s an ambitious question, but being at Vuitton you have a certain responsibility because the name of the brand is so strong in the world.” His idea, he explained, was to ask the young designers in his studio for their takes on the subject. “Since they’re so international, I was curious to know what would they think.” Unsurprisingly, they all came back with “very different things”, which isn’t necessarily what all the ridiculous handbooks on Parisian style dictate. According to this offering, Frenchness in fashion is the Tricolore, which the studio reproduced on a blue, white, and red quilted shoulder bag, and leather gloves. It’s the Opéra Garnier, which inspired the light-up Phantom of the Opera masks. And it’s the Cinq à Sept, which is a local colloquialism for an affair, that was alluded to here with a series of sumptuous dressing gowns, pajama tops, and plush faux fur shorts. This was a collection that was in touch with the street, with a few nods to the designer’s sci-fi obsession, softer and more down-to-earth. A close-up look at the clothes revealed intriguing details: the camel coat in look 14 may appear to be wool, but it’s actually leather, first embossed, then printed. The jewellery was inspired by musical instruments (the trumpet brooches are too good!). Also very desirable: a finely embroidered slip dress worn with a chunky hand-knit scarf thrown over the shoulder and boots. Asked if he came to a conclusion about French style, Ghesquière shook his head. “No. Every season we try to answer that question, but without saying it. This season the difference is we own it. But French style belongs to everyone.

Collage by Edward Kanarecki.
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Feel-Good. Isabel Marant AW23

At the Isabel Marant fashion show, you had a comforting feeling of familiarity and were reminded who is the epitome of true coolness in Paris. The runway classics, from Anna Selezneva and Liya Kebede to Malgosia Bela and Sasha Pivovarova, hit the autumn-winter 2023 runway in quintessentially Marant designs. Square shouldered blazers, oversized parkas, boyish sweaters, ’80s cocoon coats, conical heeled boots, slinky dresses, denim boiler suits and a killer trousers shape with straight yet slouchy legs. The list goes on. Isabel Marant has long championed female empowerment in everything her label stands for, and that includes making the kind of louche, sexy but always spiritedly casual look that focuses on allowing the woman wearing her clothes to express herself and her physicality. In a season where the everyday and the real are being celebrated and elevated, where good clothes can matter and not be disposable, Marant cannily underscored how much she’s been doing that for years now. That, plus the casting of models who are her stalwarts, women who’ve been around a bit but still look utterly fab, not to mention the celebratory atmosphere of her show, translated into the fact that wearing Isabel Marant means looking good and feeling good at the same time.

Collage by Edward Kanarecki.
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Paris: Day 5

20121106-072313 PM.jpg

Today wasn’t really an energetic day full of celebs and so on, however there was a lot of walking… In the lobby of Mandarin Oriental, there were some beautiful roses! They had such a beautiful scent… 20121106-065419 PM.jpg
And then was the best thing… I bought an amazing, over sized coat by Kenzo! It is made from wool and it is in real Parisian Style.

20121106-070122 PM.jpg
Then after a poor lunch in Heriard, on Place Madelaine there was a new window of Chanel with Little Black Jacket. And then we enter to trendy A.L.C were I found some nice, modern clothes in quite low prices.

20121106-070511 PM.jpg

20121106-070519 PM.jpg

20121106-070535 PM.jpg
After, I found the minimalistic shops of Comme des Garcons on Saint Honore. There was a CdG Museum full of strange and edgy designs! Next to it there was a shop of Damir Doma the new star of fashion. The boutique was really interesting, full of wood, concrete, black and grey. The clothes that were a bit sporty and dark were really expensive.

20121106-071135 PM.jpg

20121106-071142 PM.jpg

20121106-071150 PM.jpg

20121106-071203 PM.jpg

20121106-071211 PM.jpg
Then, quickly ran to the Celine boutique, that is also full of minimalism and concrete. There Lena bought a new Celine sweater and a knitted dress. Oh, and before it, we visited Christian Louboutin. And we had to stand in a really, really long line to enter there. In reality, there was nothing special, except the Japonais Loafers…

20121106-071609 PM.jpg
And here is my old hotel on Av. Montaigne, Plaza Athenee Hotel.

20121106-071658 PM.jpg
WOW! Le Substance Agape is a marvelous restaurant. We were all sitting together behind on table with other people. I met so much new people! And about the food: delicious! And crazy…

20121107-091921 AM.jpg

20121107-091929 AM.jpg

20121107-092007 AM.jpg

20121107-092017 AM.jpg

20121107-092033 AM.jpg

20121107-092042 AM.jpg

20121107-092102 AM.jpg