Roitfeld’s Place

zdjęcie 1Christian Restoin knew that he and his wife, Carine, would buy their apartment even before they saw it. “When I spotted the building, I felt it was for us” he recalls. “The localisation and the view are just perfect.” Carine Roitfeld is the ex editor-in-chief of Vogue Paris and the owner of CR Fashion Book while Restoin is the former owner of Equipment. As for the flat, it hadn’t been touched since the 60’s. To get into the shape, they called up the English architect David Chipperfield. The idea was to create something pure, without touching the historical features which give the flat its spirit. The fireplaces and mouldings remained firmly in place and hand-picked selection of design classics (like Mies Van Der Rohe metal cable chairs) installed. The apartment seems to be simple, but a lot of heart was taken into it… in other words, it’s purely parisienne, and possibly that was the main aim.

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Le Village

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Le Village is a new restaurant that belong to Costes brothers, that are kings of restaurants in Paris- they own l’Avenue, Hotel Costes, Cafe Saint Germain… Known for “restaurants for Parisians” they opened new fashionable place called Le Village on Village Royal 25 Rue Royale next to Chanel and Dior. Everything there is tasty and fresh- I recommend the most the Thai Chicken Spring Rolls and fresh Tuna Tartar! The food is easy and not too expensive, and you can relax with other Parisienne people

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Parisian Roses are the Best Roses

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Sebastian Mengozzi is a one of the best fluorist in Paris. His cozy boutique full of fresh flowers is located close to Balenciaga and Givenchy, on Rue Victor Hugo. The spring in Paris is pretty cold so we thought to come inside the flower shop. And it was like if whole flower power of Summer attacked as in middle of Paris! Roses, orchidee, magnolias, pivons… Colours were so various and the scent! I couldn’t resist any mor an bought two beautiful bouquets of pink roses to our hotel!

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Andy in Paris. Dior AW13

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It’s the fifth collection by Raf Simons for Dior so far! And I’m saying it fifth time- Raf Simons, you are a new era’s fashion genius! This season, Raf was totally inspired with Dior New Look and Factory of Andy Warhol. The setting was wonderful- the silver clouds that were one of the biggest Warhol’s installation ever. The collection began with a classical remastered Dior new look in black and white colour. Then some amazing embroiderry came that showed women faces, classic pigalle pumps, flowers… And all in very refreshing colours!

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The cluthes were amazing. All of them had a embroidered print of a Christian Dior pump in different colours. Although, Paris is definetly inspired with New York (for ex. Balenciaga), Simons keep the Parisian

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There was a lot of mink coats and dresses with peplums- very femine and elegant. The collection was for now my favourite of whole Paris Fashion Week! It was crazy, non-chalant and at the same time very Parisienne and New Yorkish!

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