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So… I opened a new Tumblr site! Well, it’s not about this what is at my official blog, DESIGNANDCULTUREBYED, but UWILLLIKEMYSTYLE is a place were I simply collection of fashion photos I feel like uploading… So if you will have a bit of time to check it out… Thanks! Write your thought in comments!

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Cracow: Camera Strike

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I found this strange, but Cracow is really full of old fashion cameras and photos! For example, in the Jewish district when you walk, you can see whole murals stchked with Poaroids photos presented as… Tiles! There is also a great Leica boutique… Oh, the cameras there striked me! There was this Leica designed by Paul Smith! But the price is really huge! And in reality the system of the Smith Leica is the same as in standard Leica. Only colours are different! But still, it’s mine wish to have one of those!

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