#InstaLOVE – May 2018



I am an Instagram maniac and I openly confess that I spend too much time on filtering my feed. But it’s irresistible, when you have so many great accounts to follow! If you are ready for a dose of beautifully curated walls, inspiring photos and delightful shots – see my May recommendations!

@thepopmag / I LOVE POP MAGAZINE. It’s such an incredible outlet of the industry’s biggest creatives! From the editorial sneak peeks to quite very humorous captions, following Pop on the daily is… mandatory.

@florence / While we’re all waiting for Florence + The Machine’s upcoming album, Hunger, seeing some of the signer’s latest outfits is a treat. Adore her.

@teget / I guess Ana Kraš is one of the most beloved girls on Instagram, simultaneously being the ultimate ‘anti’ of a basic Insta girl. The artist’s daily pics of textures, colour combinations and people that surround her are inspiring, even if that sounds cliché. But really, I enjoy her snaps wholeheartedly. So, if you still don’t follow her…

@pleasuregardenmagazine / Pleasure Garden Magazine is my latest discovery. Fully devoted to the beauty of nature (and everything that is focused on flowers), the magazine commissions different photographers to capture the greens in such places as Morocco or Portland. Watch out for some emerging top florists, too!

@botticelliceramics / Botticelli Ceramics proves that some of the most incredible things can be found right here, on Instagram. I’m dying to get my hands on one of those very limited edition, one-of-a-kind ceramics coming straight from Marc Armitano Domingo’s studio (he’s Ryan McGinley’s boyfriend, you can often see the two on the photographer’s account).  “Inspired by art, Wunderkammer, and music from the 16th, 17th, and 18th centuries”, Marc creates plates and mugs with 3D flowers, bees, boobies and eyes. And not only. Too obsessed with those artworks. You can buy them here.

AND, if you want to follow one more account on Instagram… why don’t you follow, ta-da, @designandculturebyed?

Stella, The Fendi Lady


Fendi, vintage and its precious fur couture. What else do you wear, when in Venice? Shot during the 57th Venice Biennale, of course.

Publication: Pop Magazine Fall/Winter 2017 Model: Stella Lucia Photographer: Sean and Seng Fashion Editor: Tom Guinness Hair: Kei Terada Make Up: Mathias van Hooff

Remember New York, Remember

Pop Magazine Spring 2017 - 09

It was New York.

Publication: Pop Magazine #36 Spring 2017 Model: Noemie Abigail, Michelle Gutknecht, Callum Photographer: Sean and Seng Fashion Editor: Tom Guinness Hair: Mari Ohashi Make Up: Mathias van Hooff