Shrimps at Net-A-Porter


Serving up faux fur creations with an irresistible sense of fun, London-based Hannah Weiland is one to watch. This young designer studied art history and textiles before launching Shrimps, so called because of her childhood nickname. The collection focuses on the idea of classic Breton stripes with a twist – expect supercharged color combinations and oversized cuts. The WILMA coat is the one not to missed!

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Hannah Weiland with her shaggy, fluffy and furry label Shrimps, is showing that the world is funnier with faux fur. And it may be sophisticated! Shrimps is a simple and bold idea. It’s all about the Wilma coat made out of fake fur, kept in super funky colours and full of stripes! With a cool clutch made too, from fur, the collection is quirky, but at the same time… Making you forget of worries? It’s so loose and vibrant… While the label is 7 months old, it’s already everywhere: on Opening Ceremony and soon at Net-A-Porter. Let’s all get SHRIMPY now!

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