Ania Kuczynska


In my opinion, the Polish world of fashion and photography is truly not exploited. Here, on my blog, I want to show you the most amazing, innovative brands, designers and photographer which all come from my homeland- the beautiful Poland, which got its magnificient mountain ranges, colourful nature and impressive people of culture. The first one on the go is Ania Kuczynska, the Warsaw-based designer which is mine queen of Polish minimalism. But this minimalism has nothing to do with Celine-ish minimal chic. Ania’s style is full of femininity, visuality, sharp design- and she is constantly inspired with the world of children. Details of little girl’s wardrobe like lace or tulles are used by Kuczynska, but in a way it’s all still simple and slightly disturbing… her recent collection for SS14, Illuminate, is one of them. Inspired with art, sun, travelling and possibly Frida Kahlo (these flowers that are stuck in the clutches), the collection is easy-to-go and also very sophisticated. Denim kimonos, flawless white dresses, pyjama shirts… it’s all about ethno vibes and affordable key pieces. The prop of the show? Only the long, long oriental rug and huge photo presenting a sunset. This show was a beautiful and silent event which surely would find it’s lovers somewhere else in the world.







Magic in The Moonlight, so Marc Jacobs SS14.

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After seeing Woody Allen’s new film entitled Magic in The Moonlight, one thing got stuck in my head – the costumes. Oh yeah, they were really, really gorgeous. The plot of the movie happened between the 20’s and 30’s, and it exactly showed the style and fashion that ruled back then. And definitely the SS14’s Marc Jacobs victoriana inspired collection was very into Auntie Vanessa’s embroidered green bloose and triangular hair-cut! I think it’s all very matchy… thoughts?

Julien d’ys Does Hair at Comme des Garcons


A Comme des Garçons show isn’t complete without the hair alchemy of Julien d’ys. Born Pierrick Le Verge, he’s been defying convention for three decades with his off-kilter, theatrical creations for the likes of Chanel, John Galliano and, most famously, Comme des Garçons, where he’s worked with Rei Kawakubo since 1991. Every season, d’ys elevates Kawakubo’s outsider sensibilities with creations that stem from obscure corners of the imagination, from oiled black wigs inspired by David Lynch’s The Elephant Man to candy-floss creations covered in safety pins. SS14 saw d’ys wrap shreds of black fabric around paint-stripped hair to blur the boundaries between beauty and sculpture. “Rei is a genius and I respect her very much. She likes to provoke people through her collections and I like that; perhaps that’s why we get on so well! She understands that I like to create an element of theatre and do things that are a little different, so when we work together it’s magic. She is always telling me to be strong, strong, strong, and never cute! “










tumblr_mq7p0da2VN1qza84qo1_500“It’s really about the young French girl,” says Julien Dossena, who with Lion Blau and Florent Buonomano designs the new Paris-based label Atto. Then in the next breath, “We try to have a little of the Japanese wrapping technique, enveloping the body. It’s about this balance between clean and sharp and really sensual.” So it’s a bit of everything really, which, in this era of increasingly blurred borders, makes sense. The three designers of Atto, who sharpened their teeth in Balenciaga studio under Nicolas Ghesquiere wings, know how to make their fresh label youtful and very chic. Dossena showed his first collection as creative director of Paco Rabanne this fall—they insisted that Atto as a particular project will be less about runway-style statements on fashion and more about real-life wearability. “When you go into a department store, everything on the designer floor is super- or over-designed. We want to be accessible, but still have that creativity,” says Dossena, adding that accessories may be somewhere down the line. “Atto is reminiscent of a sixties minimalism,” says Paola Russo, the cofounder of L.A.’s Just One Eye, who is known for spotting and nurturing young talent. “And they’ve found a modern way to interpret refined sexiness.”
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HC: Out of This World

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Feeling a bit tired with this exhausting week, my mood is all about sci-fi: you know, E.T. and aliens… And, specifically, if talking about fashion, then that Chanel SS14 Haute Couture outfit is on my mind. It is so out of this world! With the Hussein Chalayan bubble dress, NASA’s man on moon and that crazy building in the backround, I feel like going on the moon…