Antwerp: GRAANMARKT 13

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At the end of a square with 13 trees counted twice, there is a pretty large, cozy space called just like it’s address- Graanmarkt 13. Designed by Vincent Van Buysen, filled with palm trees, huge windows and various house decorations, we’ve got the most charming place in the whole Antwerpen. The store sells woman’s and men’s fashion brands like Isabel Marant, Marni or MSGM. You will also find fragrances by Maison Francis Kurkdijan… while the store itself is a fantastic place, they also have a beautiful restaurant downstairs which serves fresh and organic foodies. Graanmarkt 13 is not only a good place for shopping, but also a place where you must be while staying in Antwerp!

Graanmarkt 13 / Antwerp

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Men’s: AMI Store 22 Rue De Grenelle

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Alexandre Mattiussi, the successfull designer of male fashion label, AMI, has just opened his second boutque on 22 Rue de Grenelle in Paris. Known for producing effortless, cool clothes for men, AMI has it’s status of MUST HAVE in Paris. Whenever you wear one of their camo trousers or wool sweaters, you always feel best. So no wonder why their recent store is magic- old tiles, the front desk looks like a bar and the old painting that hang on the walls create a atmosphere of typical, Parisian caffee! Personally, I would love to try out every single piece in that store and spend some time in it… more on

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Berlin: Andreas Murkudis

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Andreas Murkudis is not an ordinary store. It’s a place. A place, where it’s the best to simply BE. Why? Well, the whole fashion elite of Berlin gathers here. You may see cool dressed dandies, goth madames, Raf Simons geeks or the Celine girls… the labels sold in here are very various. You may find the luxurious names like Dries Van Noten, Maison Martin Margiela or Celine and also the niche ones: Yohji Yamamoto, Kolor, Mykita or Marsell. Andreas Murkudis is also a location known in Berlin for organizing art performances, cool parties and fashion shows for young Berliner designers. In other words, whenever I come here, I find something new and not banal. This is my favourite Berlin spot.

Potsdammerstraße 81E / Berlin

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Singapore, city of high fashion has one of the most amazing architectural gem in it’s collection- specially designed Louis Vuitton store on Marina Bay Island. This store has three floors of luxury bags, shoes, menswear and womenswear. Full for art pieces and typical LV logo, the store shows off pure luxury. Known for it’s glass construction and geometrical form, it’s called a tourist attraction! Awesome place…

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