Like a Bird. Lee Mathews Resort 2021

If you still don’t know Lee Mathews, the Sydney-based designer making some of the most summer-perfect clothes out there, here’s a catch-up on her gorgeous resort 2021 collection. Birdwatching has become the unofficial hobby of lockdown era. Thanks to reduced air traffic, the trees outside of Mathews’s studio have become wildly populated with birds. There are no literal avians in her spring collection though – instead, the creative director followed their path to a sense of freedom, joy, and movement. Mathews’s structured dresses have even fuller skirts and poufier sleeves as a result. Pants have added legroom, too, from a jodhpur-like cargo pant to silky, wide-leg options. The danceability of these clothes was put to the test in a performance choreographed by Eliza Cooper and filmed by Martyn Thompson. Thompson, a photographer based in New York, is a longtime friend of Mathews’s. “The experience reconnected me with people I’ve known for a long time,” said Mathews of isolating in Sydney, “and something new is coming from it.” That willingness to collaborate and try something new is the best possible outcome of a world isolated and apart. “Having to collaborate outside your usual sphere to make things that resonate more is what will propel fashion forward,” Mathews told Vogue over a Zoom call. Brands much larger than hers should take note.

Collage by Edward Kanarecki.

Safe Goth. Ellery Resort’16


Kym Ellery safely bases her collections on her signatures. Wide flares, ruffle tops, voluminous maxi-dresses and minimal lines are as usually on fleek for her Resort 2016, which brings on the delicate theme of goths – the black chokers look kind of bad-girl with these over-sized zipped dresses. You could also pick up a witchy vibe in the collection’s long black dresses, like the body-hugging one in sheer mesh. Ellery plays it cool, but in a very gentle way.






Coo-ee Couture. Romance Was Born SS15


A bit Meadham Kirchhoff, a bit Schiaparelli – the Aussie brand, Romance Was Born took us to a wonder-land of diversity and nature. But in their signature, splendour style. That’s why their collection for summer is called “Coo-ee Couture”. Fearless design duo Anna Plunkett and Luke Sales didn’t disappoint. The eye-catchy collection is the result of Romance Was Born’s collaboration with artist, fashion designer and fellow free spirit Linda Jackson, who hand-painted each garment for the show. The intense jewel-toned dresses, mixed prints – including a striking beaded “Waratah “design – bold texture and glossy black plummage were accessorised by bright ceramic jewellery from the Australian label, Dinosaur Designs. If people in Australia are so easy-going with coo-coo fashion, then I love it!










Muse. Ellery Resort’15

20140617-073732 PM-70652480.jpg

The Sydney-based designer, Kym Ellery, does the most simple & sophisticated clothes at once. For her Resort 2015, she managed to make the clothes well fit for casual time and evening events! Ellery deployed her signature bell shapes with restraint, making a trumpet hem on cropped pants or fanning out the sleeves of a slinky boucle dress or cotton poplin shirt. Also, the spaghetti straps and V-cuts brought the collection a poetic attitude and mood. Ellery is for a long time one of my favourite Australian labels and I really enjoy it’s luxurious approach towards the modern evening-wear.

20140617-073752 PM-70672283.jpg

20140617-073752 PM-70672893.jpg

What the Water Gave Me. Dion Lee SS15

20140411-094730 PM.jpg
Dion Lee. Dion Lee. Dion Lee. Best-seller of European on-line stores. Sexy cuts. Bright colours. Party attitude. The SS15 was a bit different than usually at Lee- the collection was great because it was lazy. It had a spirit of endless summer in Australia, with no problems and worries. Beautiful colours of blue mixed with masculine shirts and trousers were a perfect match! Everything here is a want and must-have. Love, love and one more time, love!

20140411-095132 PM.jpg

20140411-095135 PM.jpg

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