Amsterdam Scenes


Although I’ve been to Amsterdam at the beginning of September, I feel the need to post some of the scenes and snaps from this very energetic, always on-the-go city. The Dutch capital is all about tiles, greenery, bikes (of course) and chic dogs with their Céline totes. That time, I also realised that Amsterdam is such a treasure chest of antique books (at one of the well-hidden markets, I bought a vintage Sotheby’s catalogue for just 2,50 euros – quite proud of myself!). Take a look below.


AW14 Dutch Twist

20140329-110006 AM.jpgRick Owens
It isn’t a something new that fashion is constantly being inspired with art. But oppositely to SS14, which was full of pop-art, the AW14 season was much more darker and… Dutch? Surely, for Rick Owens and Maison Martin Margiela, 15th and 16th century art from the Netherlands was the focus point. Just like in the Dutch portraits, Rick had his models wear in particular the head pieces that reminded me of the Flemish art. The positioning of the models and the heavy, unadorned nature of clothing looked elegant and very nun-like!20140329-110544-AM.jpgHans Holbein the Younger (1498-1543), Detail Darmstadt Madonna, 152820140329-110617-AM.jpgRick Owens20140329-110624-AM.jpgMaster of the 1540s (Netherlandish artist, fl 1541-1551), Portrait of a Woman, 154120140329-110628-AM.jpgMaison Martin Margiela20140329-110632-AM.jpgVlaenderbergh, Hans Memling20140329-110637-AM.jpgMaison Martin Margiela


20130903-091913 PM.jpg
This marvellous special campaign of Dutch store Shoebaloo has one simple phrase as the topic- GO FISH! First you need to know, that the fish used in this campaign are real (now are for sure already ate by somebody) and the jewellery, that must smell horribly till now, is here for real. I really love these kind of campaigns using jewellery (LOVE by Lanvin looks shocking but lovely on that octopus) and food. It all reminds me of surrealistic, Dutch paintings of famous artists like Vermeer… Of course, it’s the Netherlands here!

20130903-092354 PM.jpg

20130903-092400 PM.jpg

20130903-092406 PM.jpg

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