Culotte Kingdom. Tibi AW15


Far, far away, there is a kingdom called Tibi, where the citizens are all calledĀ culottes – they might be classified as trousers, but they are shorter in lenght and high-waisted. One more thing that you need to know about culottes, is that they are really popular nowadays in New York, and every New York-based label has to show them during fashion week. They are SO contemporary, SO comfortable and SO perfect for each occasion. But Tibi does them too oftenly, I should say! And this makes the label’s new collection very predictable. But there’s one smart thing going on in here – the color scheme was equally comforting as the pants themselves on the wearer: earthy neutrals, gray, navy, and pastel. “We wanted to do all shades-of,” said Amy Smilovic backstage. “Things that are very contrasty feel dated to me. It’s about wearing 12 shades of navy or five shades of burgundy. It eases up your wardrobe choices if you can just mix it up.” A smart wardrobe is not a bad one, that’s for sure. But it shouldn’t consist of 20 pairs of culottes, too!