Men’s / Verner Panton. Dries Van Noten SS19


When I was a kid, and wasn’t interested in fashion yet, I was obsessed with furniture design. And the truth is, Verner Panton was my favourite designer. I remember how I was drooling over his cult Panton chair or the memorable Heart armchair whenever I saw one of them in a magazine or some restaurant. So, believe me, Dries Van Noten‘s spring-summer 2019 collection is very special for me. My childhood love meets my current love! So, what triggered the idea? “I wanted a collection which was really fresh, and about color. So we looked to [his] estate, and asked for permission to use the prints digitally, rescale them and blow them up.” Moreover, each garment with a direct use of Panton’s work is to be co-labelled – expect this to be a very special edition line then. Colourful, bold stripes and geometrical patterns were used for velvet shorts, spring coats, loosely fit pants, moccasins, shirts… and all that beautifully balanced with Van Noten’s signature summer tuxedos and over-sized knits. What really surprises is that Panton’s contribution isn’t too ‘invasive’ or literal here, but subtly leaves a mark. Other designer would easily fall into a trap of being a slave to his or her reference. But Dries finds harmony. That’s how you do a tribute collection.


Collage by Edward Kanarecki.

Art de la Mode et de la Mode de l’Art

20130613-084517 PM.jpg
That’s ain’t a discovery of America- fashion was and is and will be influenced by art and design. How? In geometry, form, fabric, colour, flower detail, a paint spot. The Louis Vuitton SS13 was all influenced by Daniel Buren geometric installations. The most dirty punk collection of AW13- Saint Laurent- had the flower motives from Yves Saint Laurent private collection of furnitures. Givenchy Pre Fall 13 collection add by the way print similarities to the CH07 by Hans Wegner armchair! In this crazy art world of trends, changes, cults, everything has it’s replacement. If we talk of Eames chairs I think of a Givenchy SS13 dress and Jil Sander AW12 coats that are so lite and delicate. Just like Ray and Charles Eames furnitures! Oh, and my less known to most interest are of course furnitures and specifically- chairs!

20130613-090306 PM.jpg

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St Bartholomew’s Church

20130216-042514 PM.jpg
Meantime, in the break between fashion weeks, I thought it would be nice to write about some design! And here it is- the St. Bartholomew Church in Chodovice design by Jakub Berdych and Maxim Velcovsky. The interior inside is for me fantastic- old walls, baroque columns and or a total contrast white Eames chairs and Verner Panton’s sculptural armachairs with newly cut crosses. And these furniture are for prayers!

20130216-042947 PM.jpg

20130216-042954 PM.jpg
I think this church is totally breaking all the well known stereotypes of the church design, and I think this kind of a prayer place makes you not think about the past, but about the future. But still, I love old, gothic cathedrals and churches, with beautiful ornaments and paintings inside, just like the one in Vienna!

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