Google, Show Me The Real Jungle Dress. Versace SS20

Unless you took a digital detox, there’s no possible way you aren’t aware who closed Versace‘s spring-summer 2020 collection yesterday in Milan. The soundtrack suddenly got switched off and Donatella Versace‘s voice commanded: “Google. Show me the real jungle dress.” And there she was, the one and only Jennifer Lopez, wearing the now iconic jungle dress, version 2.0., she debuted on the red carpet back in 2000. The dress, the person and the brand that actually launched Google Images, 19 years later, all shined as bright as back then. But other than the Insta-worthy finale, there was of course an entire collection, inspired by early 2000s (and J-Lo, of course). And it was quite pleasing. Sculptural pieces paired with oversized, slashed knits in bright colours; signature metal mesh dresses revisited in the jungle print; Versace Medusa logo on draped tops. The black dresses that opened the show were sultry and Italian, while blazers and coats with XL shoulders were Donatella’s take on power-dressing. The designer takes good decisions style-wise and knows how to do the PR job right.

Collage by Edward Kanarecki.

So Donatella. Versace AW19

(I’m a rich bitch, I’m the upper class)
All of the day
(I’m the pearl to your oyster, I’m a babe)
I’m gonna smoke Marlboro Lights and drink Champagne
(I smoke Marlboro Reds and drink Champagne)

Who doesn’t want to be Donatella Versace, for even a day? This attitude, this aura! Like in Lady Gaga’s quite iconic song, this woman is pure charisma. So was Versace‘s autumn-winter 2019 collection, splashed in neon colours, filled with S&M details and lots, lots of lace, leopard fur (faux!) and bling. Shalom Harlow opened the show, Stephanie Seymour closed it, like in the days of Gianni. Donatella smartly mixes Versace’s archival codes with her own love for power dressing. And the t-shirt made in collaboration with Richard Avedon Foundation – feauturing Donatella herself photographed by the late master of image-making – is the show’s key message: this blond is the boss!

Collage by Edward Kanarecki.