Practice of Love. Céline Resort’17


I was extremely happy to see Céline‘s resort 2017  yesterday in the evening. Experiencing Phoebe Philo‘s pre-collections is always ecstatic for  the fashion industry, plus, the butterflies in my stomach about Hillary Clinton winning the U.S. elections made me super-optimistic. I imagined writing about this collection the following day, mentioning women making it in the world and history. On how feminism becomes something more than a frequently coined term to sell a product. And then…

…happened THIS.

If you haven’t been living in a cave for the last few months, then I don’t need to explain you step-by-step what does Donald Trump’s victory mean for intelligent, open-minded and diverse Americans, who are simply saying ‘aware’. Moreover, this affects us globally. We are at a standstill, tolerance and humanity is endangered. ‘Feminism’ doesn’t exist in his dictionary.


Phoebe surely went through a breakdown, just like all of us, when the news hit the internet. Those clothes are far from Melania and Ivanka – these are the clothes for women, for young and old, who are independent. From delicate, care-free skirts with matching nude bras to sculptural maxi-dresses and mature tailoring, Philo’s collection (which will arrive to the stores in a couple of days) is multi-faceted, but without much of ideological sophistication. Most of all, the over-sized trench coat or rib-knit dress are meant to be worn. Those extra-high boots will be fine for both, hiking and strolling down the streets. The colour palette is kept in beige, grey and black, and it perfectly fits Céline’s widely known urge for transparency. But the small details, like necklaces with resin dinosaur figurines, or dolphin earrings, remind that the world is full of joy, and those ‘small things’ that make us happy. In case of Phoebe, it’s definitely about playing games with her children, and tidying up the toys.

As usual, Céline brings the good mood, even though yesterday’s events aren’t a reason for celebrating. Although that’s not entirely connected to the topic of this post, I want to share a heart-warming, Bell Hooks’s quote (the author of Feminist Theory: From Margin to Center).

The practice of love is the most powerful antidote to the politics of domination.


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