The 2010s / Nicolas Ghesquière’s AW12 for Balenciaga

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Believe it or not – I can’t! – but we’re heading towards a new millenium. So, how do you choose the most important collections, designers and labels of the decade? The ones that made an actual impact in the 2010s? Well, it’s not an easy task. It all began in September 2009 with New York’s spring-summer 2010 shows and ended when the autumn-winter 2019 haute couture shows wrapped in Paris. Few thousands of shows, by the way. There will be 19 posts (that’s really the only possible minimum!) reminding about the best – and if not the best, then strongly influencing – moments in fashion.

Nicolas Ghesquière‘s AW12 collection for Balenciaga – “Join A Weird Trip“!

Nicolas Ghesquière’s time at Balencaga defined the 2000s and the first years of 2010s. And his autumn-winter 2012 collection is one of the greats. The corporate spies and outer-space agents on fluorescent-lit runway: that’s a fashion moment you just can’t forget. The designer moved the fashion conversation along  in a few different ways with this line-up: by proposing new silhouettes with exaggerated, even challenging proportions (bonded leather coats with shoulders out to there, sculptural padded sweaters over stiff A-line skirts with doubled front panels); by deliberately trafficking in items of “questionable” taste (those black satin sweatshirts with spacey slogans like “JOIN A WEIRD TRIP” and “OUT OF THE BLUE” are today the ultimate collector item!); and by continuing to emphasize fabric research. The IT girls wore jumpsuits made from a hi-tech parachute material, and his animal prints came two ways—as a jacquard snake on the wool bodices of the office rebels’ strapless dresses and as leopard spots that looked like liquid mercury on the executives’ jackets. Incredible. Of course, to be honest with you, any Balenciaga collection by Ghesquière is a favourite, so here’s a brief recap of the best moments starting from 2010:


SS12, AW11 and SS13.


SS10, SS11 and AW10.


AW12, SS11 and AW10.


Collage by Edward Kanarecki.


Autumn Breeze. Lemaire Pre-Fall’15


After he left Hermes to concentrate on his own label, Christophe Lemaire is now showing pre-fall, too. The one for 2015 is his first one, and it’s… gorgeous. Presented on the beach in the Southern France, Lemaire dressed the model in his all time signatures – denim jacket and jeans combo, high quality wool & cashmere knitted sweater and the masculine coat. Isn’t that a timeless warbrobe? Also, we’ve saw red in his new designs – it looked dynamic, but at the same time toned and chic. In reality, with the word “chic” you can easily describe the whole collection. It’s absolutely stylish, wearable and perfect for autumn breeze. Biarritz… Firstly published on









Biarritz: Pedarregaix Opticiens

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In Biarritz, Pedarregaix Opticiens is the best eyewear boutique in the town! It has all the coolest labels from the whole world like Cutler Gross, Thom Browne, EK, Dita and many more… With a characteristic, artistic interior than contains Nils Inne artworks, this place is one of the hottest in whole basque territory. Plus, if you have a problem with selecting the right frame for yourself, here you will find a specialist that is going to do some eye magic!


20130706-102046 AM.jpg20130706-102103 AM.jpg20130706-102119 AM.jpg20130706-102139 AM.jpg20130706-102248 AM.jpg

20130706-102600 AM.jpg

Biarritz: Harotzen Costa

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Located in Guethary that’s between Biarritz and St. Jean-de-Luz, Harotzen Costa is a port restaurant full of Basque culinary secrets. The interior is very raw- the tables where made from sterilised stone and wood that gave a minimalistic and sharp feeling. With a mind blowing view on the coastline of Pays Basque, Bidart and Barritz were both seen.
The cuisine is typical basque on with a Asian fusion twist- like for example a dorade tartar with soya sauce and nori salad. But, if talking of the main courses a highlight you won’t forget for a long time, is the Cote de Boeuf by Goya. Why Goya? Because it’s the best farm family who produce the best beef in whole Basque territory! And the 48h written under the title doesn’t mean it was marinated for this period of time… It means, that after the cow was killed, it traveled to the restaurant for two days! How complicated is that?
The meat was the best quality but didn’t taste as good as they were saying- it was like eating a raw beef without any sauce nor authentic taste- very natural. Or maybe too natural? The desserts were fine but a bit over done. This a restaurant just for one time, but it’s still worth a visit!

20130705-112739 AM.jpg

20130705-112753 AM.jpg

20130705-112731 AM.jpg

20130705-112802 AM.jpg

20130705-112824 AM.jpg

20130705-112818 AM.jpg

Biarritz: SUPER

20130702-053539 PM.jpg
RETROSUPERFUTURE or shortly SUPER, is a fresh eyewear label from France known for it’s vintage styled shades and amazing printing of inside part in their frames! When I saw them yesterday in INTHEMIDDLE in Biarritz, I fell in love with all of them. From classic black sunglasses to white ones with marble inside part, there is a huge selection from which we can choose.
All of them are of course hand made in Italy and are worn by Kanye West and Pharrell Williams. And what most excited me about them, were… The printed boxes in which these sunglasses are kept!

20130702-054348 PM.jpg

20130702-054356 PM.jpg

20130702-054405 PM.jpg

20130702-054413 PM.jpg

20130702-054424 PM.jpg

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