Über 80’s. JW Anderson AW15


Two years ago, I would never thought that Jonathan Anderson, the minimal kid from the block, will go 80’s. This period has it’s echo in previous collections, but never so much as in AW15. Corduroy trousers, velvet tops, über-80’s prints, and eccentric earring – it all makes me think about those ladies which sit and gossip about everyone at the market. The shoes seem to be terrific, too – their exggerated buckles and aim to “shorten” the legs are so “un-fashionable”. This collection in overall is not a fashionable one. J.W. Anderson simply showed an ironic, slightly satiric point of view on people, which try to look their best and at the same time look super cheesy. Additionally, the cheesy way of dressing appeared in the 80’s – so now everything is clear.

But is cheesy the new chic? J.W. Anderson possibly imposes an old new movement in fashion. This “thing” is surely going to be a hot topic for fashion journalists.








LA Strip Girl Gang. Rodarte SS14

Spring 2014 RTW Photos   NYTimes.com Fashion
The Rodarte show not only brought LA coolness to New York Fashion Week, but also showed that Laura and Kate Mulleavy are not only good in designing red carpet gowns! Whole collection was inspired with 80’s in Los Angeles, were the strip clubs and nightlife was dominant with lots pf neon lights, pool parties and hangovers. The SS14 by Rodarte is very sexy- skimpy skirts; lots of bikinis with ruffles; tiger prints. But also the clothes had something more to say than their sexiness- these cool trousers and biker jackets are for strong women that are not scared of showing off their splendours and… more things. Summarising, the collection is cool and really breaking the limits of Rodarte sisters that always make NYFW… Of course COOLER.