The Want: Bottega Venetta’s Pouch

The Want: It’s one of the first designs by Daniel Lee for Bottega Veneta. ‘The Pouch’ is an oversized clutch made with soft folds of the brand’s handwoven intrecciato leather that envelope the bag’s frame and create a voluminous, rounded shape. Bottega Veneta’s heritage of leather craftsmanship, refreshed and revised with modern sensibility. If only the price tag wasn’t that painful…

Photo by Edward Kanarecki.

That Tiny Bag: Medea


Every so often a label appears out of nowhere that piques my interest. Well, maybe not that out of nowhere. I’ve discovered Medea the moment Petra Collins and Dev Hynes took it to the streets. And what is it precisely? That tiny, little bag. “We always were into bags and would spend money on those instead of clothes, so we thought, why not make a very fine leather bag that is shaped like a shopping bag?”, recall Giulia and Camilla Venturini for Vogue. The twin sisters have the bags crafted from matte calfskin leather in Verona, Italy. The Prima has just launched at Dover Street Market, Opening Ceremony and Selfridges, while the collection is expanding. For now, the bags come in eight colors and four sizes, ranging from micro (big enough for your phone) to an XXL version. The designers are also about to release a collection this September, made in collaboration with an artist. Expect the unexpected from this Milan-based label.

Carrying Bags


Publication: Vogue UK February 2017 Model: Vivien Solari Photographer: Coco Capitan Fashion Editor: Verity Parker

Hand-woven by local artisans in Oaxaca, Mexico, Truss‘ capacious tote is inspired by traditional market bags. This black and white plaid style has four coiled handles and is grounded by protective feet. It will work equally well in the city and on the beach (click the picture to get it).

A Big, Chic Bag by No21


N21 it-bag exclusively available at Concept 21 Store in Poznan.

Alessandro Dell AcQua and his succesful Milan-based label, N21, is storming women’s wardrobes around the world, with its signature, feminine twist. Now, it’s the time to conquer the bag industry. Although it’s not the first season when N21 does bags, spring-summer 2016 is a break-out moment. The extremely functional, voluminous and comfortable “cabas” tote is everything. The soft calfskin bag comes in three colours (brown, burgundy and beige), and you can literally style it with anything. If you are skeptic whether you will be able to find your iPhone, chocolate you’ve taken from a brunch or other thing that saves your daily routine there – no worries. The design team thought of a perfectly fitting pocket inside. Basically, it’s a big bag, but looks as chic as a clutch. And it’s definitely much more realistic! See how was it styled back in Milan




All About Helen Bullock

Image of Dance Why Don't yOU! Hand Printed Canvas Totes Bag

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you might noticed that I had an interview column (by the way, I am planning to  revive it in 2016!) and I wrote about the super talented, London-based artist Helen Bullock. Her vivid  fashion illustrations and bold prints felt so full of life and attitude. And now, this unique personality launched her own bags line, printed with her signature vibrant prints. The limited edition collection is a selection of custom canvas tote bags, with hand stitched leather straps, and contrast print pockets. Hand printed with bright and bold gestural marks and her favourite colour pallete including, Lizard, Grape, and Traffic Cone Orange, these totes are roomy, and “even roomier for the weekend” as she told me! Alongside these, there is a collection of Limited Edition Giclee Prints – all in editions of 20.  The original fashion illustrations were seen in magazines including AnOther, and CNN Style. You can buy all of these goods in her new on-line store, 

I feel Helen’s must-haves are good tips for arty Christmas presents! And, you can read our interview here.

yes A


I love this Vivienne Westwood illustration so much. 

Image of Excuse Me PLease


Image of Scribble All Over

Image of I'M So CooL

Ania Kuczynska at Puro Hotel


On Saturday, the event of  Ania Kuczynska‘s pop-up store took place, giving Poznan a new fashionable place to visit. In the lobby of the most design-forward hotel in the city, PURO Hotel, Kuczynska is going to sell and exhibit (note the way the products were presented – on copper hangers that look like contemporary art!) her signature, Shanghai bags. The must-have bags, which are the constant best-sellers in Warsaw’s flag-ship store on Mokotowska street, will be available in different sizes and textile varieties. My favourite is the black handbag – the size of it seems to be perfect for more than one occasion, and I can see it worn with both, casual look, and something much more elegant. And of course, meeting Ania for the first life was a pleasure – just like the talk about Milan’s best spots and sharing our “wow’s” and “oh’s” regarding the new designer at Gucci!

Puro Hotel Poznan / ul. Stawna 12 / The pop-up store of Ania Kuczynska is going to be open for one year.







Interview with Isaac Reina

IMG_9627 1

The list of inspirations that designer Isaac Reina names include architects and industrial designers like Jasper Morrison instead of the usual fashion suspects. That’s not to say that Reina doesn’t know luxury – he spent years at luxury leather giant Hermes, and collaborated with Maison Martin Margiela. It’s just that his version of luxury relies on what is not said, knowing when to use luxury elements and when to refrain from all the embellishments and other. I am happy to present you our June interview with this amazing leather goods designer from Paris!

IMG_9664 1

How would you describe “the user” of Isaac Reina leather goods?

Architects, designers, photographers, graphic designers… For now, our typical client is someone extremely cultured and exigent who is generally looking for an alternative to big brands that are too much distributed. They find themselves in our products which are more discrete and confidential.

IMG_9620 1

IMG_9604 1

Are your leather goods “minimal” or rather “sophisticated”? Or both?

Both. We are always looking for the right balance between minimal and sophisticated. If we tend to do minimal work, we might forget some practical and useful aspects necessary in a bag or a wallet. If on the opposite we tend to do sophisticated work we might loose the strength of the first and formal essence of the product. Therefore, we are always searching for something ultra simple and sufficiently sophisticated or something sophisticated without excess.

You have studied architecture in the past. Does it influence your wallets, bags, backpacks, clutches and others?

Definitely. Because architecture is only made of geometry (square, circle, triangle…)which is also our tools and is a very similar approach. Of course architecture has its own techniques specific to architecture itself, like all profession has, very different but incredibly parallel in the projects.

IMG_9568 1



How would you define “luxury” in nowadays leather goods industry?

Luxury itself doesn’t interest me. But I am interested in someone feeling at ease with one of our bag or wallet because the product conveys values and shapes that correspond and suit him/her.




Your brand is all about leather goods. Are you planning to expand the brand with shoes, etc.?

Not shoes at the moment. It is too difficult for me. But since a little time, i am working on new projects like stationary, small objects and furnitures to edit in the future. Why not?



Special thanks to Isaac Reina for sending me the exclusive photos of his showroom and store in Paris,

38 rue de Sevigne

Visit for more.

Paula Cademartori


The success of Paula Cademartori‘s creations is founded on an aesthetic vision focused on intense care for details, combined with the determination to carry out production in Italy. Each bag is conceived as a design object to own and love. The precious seal of each model is a metal buckle, personally designed by Paula supported by her background in jewellery and industrial design. A fine factory brand, a modern vision of a logo that escapes from conventional designs. Discovered during Vogue Italia Talents, in 2010 Paula started her brand – now, in 2015, her mesmerizing, bold bags are extreme must-haves in Milan, and not only!









Interview with Gabriela Coll


Gabriela Coll Garments focuses on the way of dressing and the value of garments, while working through series. Each series is the result of concrete imagery, they do not follow any season or have a fixed number of pieces, and are always permanent – their accessories, bags, shoes and clothes are hand-made. In their Serie 1, which is composed of 15 garments, the calm, beige colour dominates. Plus, the garments are really one-of-a-kind… and since it’s the beginning of March, I would like to present you an interview with Gabriela herself.



How the brand of Gabriela Coll Garments appeared?
It was just about making the decision; I’ve been always involved in different projects, so it was quite organic to bring it all together in Gabriela Coll Garments. My education was in fine arts, and there was a moment when I applied all those processes to Gabriela Coll.

 What is your favourite material which you oftently use in your designs?
The nobility of the materials is one of the aspects that relate all pieces in Serie No.1. Of course, nobility can be understood in different ways, for me it’s about where and how they are made, how they look, how you work with them, their properties, how they evolve through time…The materials I actually work with most are natural leather and cotton, which I use for developing the pieces while I do prototypes. These plain materials relate more with the stage of seeking that might be even more interesting than finding. Lacquering them is also about keeping that presence of not defined, it has to do with the attractive part of prototypes more than with finished pieces.




I love the form of your bags and shoes – what inspires you while designing the accessories?
I design each piece separately, I don’t work with a concrete influence or theme, the pieces are the reflection of my imaginary.
One of the aspects I focus on while developing the accesories, are the very basics: how you sew things and how the pieces are constructed. I want the pieces to be easy to understand. The Babouche, for instance, is made without a shoe last, thus, the making is essential, or in the Long bag you can easily understand how both pieces of leather work together, I think this makes them appealing.




How could you describe the Gabriela Coll woman?
For me this doesn’t exist. I do garments; even though of course I believe in garments as part of the construction of oneself. In this regard I like how the architect Sáenz de Oiza compared architecture with people in an interview. According to him, architecture, just like people, is defined by its structure, but also by the decorum. I consider clothes part of this decorum. This is very important because decorum is the scenery one can build to appear in front of the world.

Any big projects for this year?
Working on the second series, which I’m really looking forward to.


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