Milan: BULGARI Hotel

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Yes! This is the best hotel in Milan- THE BULGARI HOTEL & RESORT! This place is bringing up biggest fashionistas during fashion weeks, super-stars and many more. I am always feeling so relaxed after few days here… Located in the centre of the the city, it’s just few steps from Giorgio Armani imperium with Armani Libre, Armani Cafe, Armani Fiore, Armani Tech, Armani Perfumes, Armani Blah-Blah and Blah plus hundreds of Pradas and Guccis. But that ain’t important for the moment. The hotel is owned by Bulgari (yes, this Bulgari) and it is simply a state of luxury! The rooms are all beautiful decorated with chocolate, beige and black colours, all supplied with Bulgari books. In big lobby you shall get some cold tea, and the breakfasts… Oh the breakfast… They are great. You won’t find better place in Milan for great relax!

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Milan: BULGARI, the Eternity.

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So, here I am after some Dolce Vita in Tuscany in the buzzing fashion and design city of Milano! My hotel (SOON) is very much connected to that jewellery label that I will shortly introduce you in this post! Bulgari is known to most people only from one side- the high price. But forgetting of the shopping part, history of Bulgari can be discovered by everyone!
It all started in 1884 when Sotirio Bulgari opened a large boutique called with his name on Via Condotti in Rome. The brand had many crisises, but within the time it was spreading all over the country and then Europe.

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After sometime, big super stars came to be wearing the most luxurious products- clients like Marilyn Monroe, Veruschka, Grace Jones and Elizabeth Taylor (that played Cleopatra in Bulgari jewels!) wore Bulgari everyday and on every event. The famous girdle in the shape of a serpent was commissioned by Diana Vreeland, the eccentric Vogue US fashion editor who was known for wearing oversized clothes. Well, these surrealistic pearls were totally into her awesome style!

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The biggest ever made diamond at Bulgari had 66 carats and was given as a present to Elizabeth Taylor, a many year face of the brand. Well, it was really big, and for sure made lots of thieves interested… So, after many years of hard work of Bulgari and catching an eye of clients, it got it’s new boutique on jewellery kingdom- Place Vendome in Paris, next to Tiffany & Co., Cartier and Van Cleef Arpels.

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