Milan: BULGARI Hotel

20130821-105224 AM.jpg
Yes! This is the best hotel in Milan- THE BULGARI HOTEL & RESORT! This place is bringing up biggest fashionistas during fashion weeks, super-stars and many more. I am always feeling so relaxed after few days here… Located in the centre of the the city, it’s just few steps from Giorgio Armani imperium with Armani Libre, Armani Cafe, Armani Fiore, Armani Tech, Armani Perfumes, Armani Blah-Blah and Blah plus hundreds of Pradas and Guccis. But that ain’t important for the moment. The hotel is owned by Bulgari (yes, this Bulgari) and it is simply a state of luxury! The rooms are all beautiful decorated with chocolate, beige and black colours, all supplied with Bulgari books. In big lobby you shall get some cold tea, and the breakfasts… Oh the breakfast… They are great. You won’t find better place in Milan for great relax!

20130821-040259 PM.jpg

20130821-040334 PM.jpg

20130821-040314 PM.jpg

20130821-040324 PM.jpg

20130821-040343 PM.jpg

20130821-040412 PM.jpg

20130821-040351 PM.jpg

20130821-040249 PM.jpg

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