Camel Runaway

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Hello, hello- camel is on the fashion horizon! The commonly beige coat that is usually said to be the most boring piece, is again trendy! No wonder why- Carine, Kim, Garance are all in love with it. Just like Max Mara, that again makes it on top this season. Style yours with sneakers, and get the Parisian chic look!


Carine Roitfeld

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Family of Givenchy

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Riccardo Tisci always takes to his campaigns the closest friends and people that are important for him: like last season that was Kate Moss, Marina Abramovic and Mariacarla Boscono with her newborn baby! He joined his power with Mert & Alas Pigott to take this fantastic shoot full of family charm in punk version and simple beauty. Amanda Seyfriend was here in the Bambi Killer (I call it like this 🐼) outfit looking so beautiful and naturally… There was also Carine Roitfeld with her daughter Julia, who didn’t really look like a typical family- Carine was mind blowing! She looked so fresh and I would say… french!

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Balenciaga Punk

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The Balenciaga gladiator wedges with the characteritic Balenciaga signture element in bright gold are so stylish and… Punk! The elements are oversized in this edition, and they give an amazing feeling of Elegant Punk that is visible in Paris. And which biggest queen of Paris wore them? Carine Roitfeld! I love them. And what do you think?

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The Foreverness editorial is for sure the most beautiful issue of CR Fashion Book. It’s all about Carine’s favourite labels and their history. For example there is the Alaia photo that shoes different seasons dresses. This editorial shows the most “Forever” labels of fashion- Balenciaga, Givenchy, Versace and many more! It’s all very Parisian Chick and beautiful.

Beginning. Balenciaga AW13

Slide01After waiting about four months without knowledge of how will new Balenciaga under the wings of Alexander Wang look like, today in the morning, in Paris, the show began. The whole setting was in a old, but renovated Parisian building with white marble, huge mirrors, black and white tiles and spiral stairs. It gave a feeling of Balenciaga at time of Cristobal. So taking the seat with Olivier Zahm camera the show begins!Slide02Slide03It all begins with a typical Wang touch- a elegant t-shirt, black trousers, fur and mostly casual elegance. But thanks god Wang didn’t do it all in a New York way- indeed it was all so Paris! Alexander Wang continued the sophisticated minimalism of Ghesquiere with super cool fur sweatshirts that looked like white marble and black dresses with open back… Sexy but delicate.Slide05Slide04The furry sweatshirts are this seasons my favourite! They look so street style and modern! Mixed with laced leather leggins and a leather head decoration it is great! Only Wang could do it! And what about the shiny elegant dress code? I see it already on Carine Roitfeld, the real queen of french elegance!Slide06Slide07 Slide08The new model of bag is for sure the one from python witha a classical closing. It is a comfortabel handbag that is easy to wear but at the same time ideal for every event! The hit of the show was for sure the greenish jacket with shirling on sleeves and  the complete of sweater with skirt that was toatally embroidered with something that looked like paisleys! Shiny!Slide09Slide10Slide11Slide12Congratulations to Alexander Wang! Really the collection was great! I think, that Balenciaga from now on will not change diametrically, but it will be more sporty and hopefully better quality! P1050286 balenciaga_1500_0_resize_90