Colour Apogee. Matty Bovan SS17


Matty Bovan can be described with one word: colour. Remember the graffiti-like doodles on Marc Jacobs’ spring-summer 2016 backpacks and coats? That’s Bovan’s (and his colleague, AV Robertson) work. If you type @babbym into your search bar on Instagram, prepare for an apogee of extremely layered make-up looks, glitter, paint and spontaneous sketches. Basically, Matty is on everybody’s lips in the industry for a pretty long time. So seeing his debut collection during Lulu Kennedy’s Fashion East show was a perfect occasion to completely absorb, and get the point, of the designer’s cheerful, rainbow-coloured world.

With support from Love Magazine‘s Katie Grand, Matty sent a line of “really cool” models down the runway – there was Lily Sumner, Teddy Quinlivan, and even Lily McMenamy, all in Bovan’s energetically hand-printed trousers and hand-knitted, quite unclassified garments. Even Stuart Vevers, the creative director of Coach, let the art-school dreamer sugar-coat the brand’s classical leather bags for this event. In a range of fun-clothing, we can find fish-net sweaters and neon-green dresses, chaotically cut up and fringed. Matty’s inspirations for spring-summer 2017 included a line of artists and photographers, who never said “no” to colour, and a DIY kind of way of making things: Stephen Sprouse, Keith Haring and Maripol. Miranda Joyce, who collaborated with the Matty on make-up, took hints from Nina Hagen, the “Godmother of Punk”. London is about limitless creativity, right?





Saint Laurent Boots

20130803-091744 PM.jpg
 For two months I am a number one fan of Saint Laurent AW13 collection by Hedi Slimane. I am in love to death with the California grunge inspired looks full of checks, leather and mini dresses. And these LA musician influenced boots are like the best thing in the collection. But why the #%^*@ are they so, so expensive? Hey, 5685€ is alright? No, not Hedi is mad Cathy Horyn, but the person that is dealing with commercial part for SL. These boots with the “DIY” decoration are beautiful, but not for 5000 and more euros. But, Slimane thought of more normal people and created the cheaper version of these boots for 1500€- without anything special. Just black, normal grunge boots. This is not same effect, but what shall I do? Still cool… 😋😋😋😋

20130803-094530 PM.jpg

20130803-094542 PM.jpg

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