Nordic. Alexander McQueen AW14

1067690Like a Nordic warrior – from the past or far in the future, we couldn’t tell. Cornrows circled the models’ heads like a beehive, with two plaits left long at the front. Faces were deathly pale with a white sheen as if frosted, and lips a cold metallic. That was the Alexander McQueen show, showed in a mossy, misty forest. Soft, virgin-white pieces worn against untouched, alabaster skin: broderie anglaise dresses with billowing peasant sleeves and starched white pilgrim collars tied with black bows. The damned temptresses wore gothic black: sheer dresses dotted with black feathers that grew into a full feather skirt, seductive low-cut gowns of inky ruffles, and shadowy black fur hoods. Final sheer white gowns were embroidered with stars and moons suggestive of the occult pentagram. These McQueen brides glided along the moss-covered ground, their pristine feathered hems trailing in their wake.
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Look Du Jour: In The Castle

20131019-085728 PM.jpg
Today we had lots of fun in the Goluchow castle in one of the most beautiful parks in Poland… The castle built by the rich family of Chartoryski’s, decorated with marble columns, oak staircases and beautiful sculptures, made us all really impressed. And the park’s landscape looked so artistic and beautiful! So the best thing to show the awesomeness of this place, is to show Lena’s outfit of the day… Coat by Balenciaga, sweater and bag by Celine, sweatpants and shoes by Brunello Cucinelli, fur scarf custom made.

20131019-090644 PM.jpg

20131019-090650 PM.jpg

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20131019-090704 PM.jpg

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20131019-090721 PM.jpg

20131019-090741 PM.jpg

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Bloody Mary. Thom Browne SS14

Slide01When Thom Browne presents his collection in New York for women, there is alway a feeling that real fashion, full of imagination and fun, still exists. And so was this season, that took as to a fantasy world full of ghosts and Bloody Mary! The collection just like the last one was a masterpiece. Beautiful models walked the runway in only white costumes, with lots of details, fabric variety and different style, in fantastic make-ups (the boody red lipstick looked spooky on the totally white faces of the model!) and crazy hairstyles. In other words, Thom surely got inspired with tim Burton films and read lots of fairy-tales… for giving New York a REAL fashion shock. With this, who needs Haute Couture?Slide02 Slide03 Slide04 Slide05 Slide06