Milan: BULGARI Hotel

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Yes! This is the best hotel in Milan- THE BULGARI HOTEL & RESORT! This place is bringing up biggest fashionistas during fashion weeks, super-stars and many more. I am always feeling so relaxed after few days here… Located in the centre of the the city, it’s just few steps from Giorgio Armani imperium with Armani Libre, Armani Cafe, Armani Fiore, Armani Tech, Armani Perfumes, Armani Blah-Blah and Blah plus hundreds of Pradas and Guccis. But that ain’t important for the moment. The hotel is owned by Bulgari (yes, this Bulgari) and it is simply a state of luxury! The rooms are all beautiful decorated with chocolate, beige and black colours, all supplied with Bulgari books. In big lobby you shall get some cold tea, and the breakfasts… Oh the breakfast… They are great. You won’t find better place in Milan for great relax!

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Tuscany: Manganice Dinner

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Living in Villa Manganice is like visiting a paradise. Everything here is perfect and beautiful. So, no wonder, the restaurant Manganice has a unforgettable taste with it’s traditional Tuscan dishes! Of course accompanied with the wine from hotel winery, the beef tatar and the filet Mignon with truffle fondue tastes very delicate and smooth. Everything is very fresh and totally hand-made! So no pasta from a shop or olive oil with chemical toxins. The dessert is of course the classical chocolate sufflet… Nothing better in the world!

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Berlin: Hotel Das Stue

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Here I am in Berlin, in a new found hotel called Das Stue- one of the most prestigious Design Hotels in the world! And I should say I am pleased. It’s really hard to find a good, hot spot in Berlin. But this one, just few steps from the Berlin Zoo. There are two Spanish restaurants by mister Paco Perez- The Casual and Cinco. Not really good, but the design upinterior here is mind blowing! You will find here the coolest furniture by famous designers kept in strong colours!
The rooms are really luxurious- the shampoos are by Diptique, and all rooms have Led TV/computers. And it’s all accompanied with Jan Kath floors and Arne Jacobsen armchairs…the biggest feature of the hotel is the view of zoo and the localisation. It’s just next to Kadewe and the most expensive stores! Definetly, Das Stue is the moments hottest spot in Berlin!

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Cracow: Copernicus Restaurant

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Copernicus Restaurant located in beautiful Hotel Copernicus is a very small, cameral and friendly space with traditional modern Polish food. It serves for example delightful veal tongues with mango cavior or beef filet with fresh veggies. The interior is the same as hotel- old fresco on walls, wooden floors and ceilings. If you are looking forward to find real Polish food without french fries or these frigertor salads, but in great place, Copernicus is the right place to go!

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