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Pigalle Ashpool knows how to rurn up the vibe in Paris. Pigalle, his sporty label, offers this winter a huge variety of characters – the Argentinian gaucho? Checked. The Bronx guy? Yep. The Parisian bourgoise aristocrat? Totally yes. “The feeling of spreading all my friends and my people in a location like this is amazing. I wanted to put all this mix of colors, nationalities, and ages together—the people I live with. It is about peace, especially since all that has happened. This is about peace and mixity and love. It may be a cliché, but it’s true.” That’s a “dope” hotel to live in, that’s for sure.












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Singapore, the city of technology is not only known for the Infinity pool located at the top of Bay Marina but…Geoducks! Did you know something like this exist? I don’t know how to describe it- sticky, with a shell and shaped like one of the male’s organ… The sashimi made of it at the Long Beach restaurant was delightful. And this place is the best restaurant serving seafood in Singapore for about 70 years… If you visit to Singapore, you need to come here for some culinary experience. By the way- this place is crazy and so Avatar! My hotel (Marina Bay Sands) and the Super Trees look impressive.

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Frankfurt: Villa Kennedy

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Villa Kennedy, one of the Rocco Forte hotels, is located in a quiet Frankfurt neighbourhood surrounded with beautiful old buildings and parks. The hotel is kept in Colonial, a bit artistic way- full of wood and modern sculptures, it makes you feel like at home… Or even better! And, no wonder, the Villa is full of John Kennedy canvas photographs, making it feel pretty American. The restaurant is great with it’s Italian cuisine, and rooms are comfortable (and the balconies are really big!). This is certainly a lovely place.

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Paris: Bar 8

zdjęcie 1-kopia 3Intimate, exclusive and very, very chic, Bar 8 is the perfect place to enjoy a drink. Beautifully designed with a dramatic marble bar as its centerpiece, Bar 8 is located on the ground floor next to the discreet entrance to Sur Mesure by Thierry Marx. With low glass topped tables dotted with tiny lights and wood walls inlaid with Lalique crystals like delicate raindrops, the décor is stunning. Low lighting, gentle music and impeccable service create a seductively sophisticated ambiance. This is Bar 8 in Mandarin Oriental Paris.

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Paris: Mandarin Oriental Hotel

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Mandarin Oriental Paris is definitely the moment’s hottest destination in the city, where you are going to relax in luxury and with pleasure. With it’s personal care to the hotel guests, the hotel is a place where you may meet Anna Dello Russo on breakfast, or Riccardo Tisci in the bar. It is simply cool! With it’s huge garden that is temporarily decorated with Christmas ornaments and Christmas trees, Mandarin Oriental Paris always make me feel like at home. Relaxed, full of joy and happiness! P.S. The breakfasts here… they are amazing! Fresh fruits, juice, cold porridge and delicious eggs are my old-time favourites.

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