Aztec Opulence. Valentino SS14

Slide1-kopia 2Valentino was definitely one of the most beautiful collections of the season. With the SS14’s tribal influence, Valentino took us to South America, where Aztecs and Mayas decorated their temples in opulent and splendour way. The craftsmanship of the collection is impressive- all the couture embroideries on dresses looked like if were made by one of the local Mexican women, dying and threading each flower and shape into silk. There were also some inspirations with Latin explorer-chic- suede capes with frenzies, sandals, jewellery with zodiac amazing use of denim with Guatemalan skirts and tops. However, there was something about sexy 70’s of Hollywood and Byzantine luxury hidden in the looks- crowns, rich colours, sensual lace, ribboned shirts… Valentino not only took as into the beautiful journey to South America and it’s secrets, but also made it in surrounded with European qualities and chic!
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Heritage. No.21 SS14

20130919-073633 AM.jpg
No.21 is a label, that after few years when it was totally forgot, now is again pounding full with new Milanese chic under the wings of Allesandro Dell’ Aqua! I should say, that the SS14 collection from the designer is a masterpiece. Beautiful lace skirts, embroidered shirts and printed tops were seen with laser cuts and florals. The collection was simple, but the key is in detail. What I loved most was on of these looks with an amazing green laced dress and creme top- so light and made with best, Italian quality. I am definitely waiting for from Mr. Dell Aqua at this small, but stylish label from Milan!

20130919-075105 AM.jpg

20130919-075117 AM.jpg

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Nottingham. Burberry SS14


“Nottingham, in the U.K.’s Midlands, was once the center of the world’s lace production. Now, there’s a sleeping giant waiting for Christopher Bailey to give it a good poke!” as wrote the about this very, very good collection of Burberry for SS14. Indeed, the use of British lace in this collection was a right shot from Christopher Bailey- lets say goodbye to sporty jackets, and welcome new Burberry, that is all about feminity and glamour! First of all, Harry Styles of One Direction was there in the front row, so he of course stole all spotlight… but because I don’t like 1D, I more feel like to write about the collection… Kept in pastel colours of pink and blue, beautiful laces mixed with embroideries and geometrical prints brought lots of sex appeal to the collection, and at the same time made it wearable… The look were Edie Campbell wears this blue pastel coat, a white lace dress and blue panties looked adorable! That was definitely one of the strongest collections of the season!












Pearls. Simone Rocha SS14

20130917-092722 PM.jpg
The new collection from London’s hottest new talents, Simone Rocha, is a remastered Coco Chanel look mixed with Film Noir aesthetics and Marilyn Monroe girlie looks- in other words, the element that was everywhere at Rocha’s SS14 collection? Pearls. Pearls everywhere! On dresses, trousers pockets, bags, shoes… Simone Rocha sewed them even on her classical dress with a lace ruffle! This is possibly the strongest collection of John Rocha’s daughter to date with it’s mature touches like elegant mini evening dresses with pearl collars and fantastic tomboy shoes… But it still was very Rocha- not too girlie and not too sophisticated- in other words, super comfortable and easy to wear!

20130917-093334 PM.jpg

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