Heritage. No.21 SS14

20130919-073633 AM.jpg
No.21 is a label, that after few years when it was totally forgot, now is again pounding full with new Milanese chic under the wings of Allesandro Dell’ Aqua! I should say, that the SS14 collection from the designer is a masterpiece. Beautiful lace skirts, embroidered shirts and printed tops were seen with laser cuts and florals. The collection was simple, but the key is in detail. What I loved most was on of these looks with an amazing green laced dress and creme top- so light and made with best, Italian quality. I am definitely waiting for from Mr. Dell Aqua at this small, but stylish label from Milan!

20130919-075105 AM.jpg

20130919-075117 AM.jpg

20130919-075131 AM.jpg

20130919-075146 AM.jpg

20130919-075159 AM.jpg

20130919-075209 AM.jpg

20130919-075238 AM.jpg

20130919-075250 AM.jpg

20130919-075305 AM.jpg

20130919-075338 AM.jpg

20130919-075405 AM.jpg

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