#InstaLOVE – April, 2016


@lanemarinho / I wrote about Lane’s handmade shoes here. And then, I fell in love with her visually nutritious feed for good! 

I am an Instagram maniac and I openly confess that I spend too much time on filtering my feed. But it’s irresistible, when you have so many great accounts to follow! If you are ready for a dose of beautifully curated walls, inspiring photos and delightful shots – see my April recommendations!


@mzmarcozanini / Former Rochas and Schiaparelli designer, Marco Zanini, shares his love for Nordic furniture and interiors, posts rare #TBT’s of Martin Margiela and revives his personal, fashion highlights of his career. Whenever I see him posting a picture, I wonder when will he come back to the industry…


@jeannedamas / Jeanne Damas is my Parisian-girl crush, whenever she’s posting her feet in a balloon-filled  bath or wears high-waisted flares. A must-follow, if you ask me.


@_ikakok_ / Kasia Korzeniecka’s marble-like patterns are made using the water painting technique. They are abstract, colourful, a bit chaotic and very moody. Perfect to look at, when you want to stress out after a long, exhausting and boring no-Instagram day.

FullSizeRender-2-kopia 2

@glossier / Although I am not a beauty-blogger and I laugh at beauty tutorials, the New York-based cosmetic brand, Glossier, never fails to deliver inspiring, casual-retail tricks. Past weekend, the brand gave away 500 #GlossierPink roses at the Bedford Avenue subway station. Nice, huh?

AND, if you want to follow one more account on Instagram… why don’t you follow, ta-da, @designandculturebyed?

Lane Marinho


Scrolling down the feed and filtering Instagram can be sometimes a good thing – and surely, when you are about to discover new, fresh designers with their unique vision! My latest find is the remarkably talented footwear designer, Lane Marinho. Lane is based in Sao Paulo, which currently experiences a kind of fashion renaissance. After working for several, big shoe companies in Brazil, Marinho decided to start experimenting with natural materials (like sea-shells and local natural stones) in order to make her ideas and old dream come true. She created her own label, which focuses on hand-made shoes and the heritage of artisan craftsmanship. As you can see on the photographs of Henrique Gendre, who is Lane’s collaborator since the beginning of her fashion adventure, the brand’s signature pieces are meticulously embroidered sandals. All of them are cut, sewed and hand-painted by the designer herself, which marks that all of the exemplars are one-of-a-kind and produced in very small quantity. Currently, the Brazilian designer has three collections under her belt, and all of them look equally impressive – and the shoes presented in bold, still life aesthetic (styled by another collaborator of the brand, Renata Corrêa) add warmth to this gloomy, rainy day.

More on Lane Mainho’s site.