#InstaLOVE – April, 2016


@lanemarinho / I wrote about Lane’s handmade shoes here. And then, I fell in love with her visually nutritious feed for good! 

I am an Instagram maniac and I openly confess that I spend too much time on filtering my feed. But it’s irresistible, when you have so many great accounts to follow! If you are ready for a dose of beautifully curated walls, inspiring photos and delightful shots – see my April recommendations!


@mzmarcozanini / Former Rochas and Schiaparelli designer, Marco Zanini, shares his love for Nordic furniture and interiors, posts rare #TBT’s of Martin Margiela and revives his personal, fashion highlights of his career. Whenever I see him posting a picture, I wonder when will he come back to the industry…


@jeannedamas / Jeanne Damas is my Parisian-girl crush, whenever she’s posting her feet in a balloon-filled  bath or wears high-waisted flares. A must-follow, if you ask me.


@_ikakok_ / Kasia Korzeniecka’s marble-like patterns are made using the water painting technique. They are abstract, colourful, a bit chaotic and very moody. Perfect to look at, when you want to stress out after a long, exhausting and boring no-Instagram day.

FullSizeRender-2-kopia 2

@glossier / Although I am not a beauty-blogger and I laugh at beauty tutorials, the New York-based cosmetic brand, Glossier, never fails to deliver inspiring, casual-retail tricks. Past weekend, the brand gave away 500 #GlossierPink roses at the Bedford Avenue subway station. Nice, huh?

AND, if you want to follow one more account on Instagram… why don’t you follow, ta-da, @designandculturebyed?

Would love to hear what you think!

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