Hitchcockian Seduction

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Hermes by Christophe Lemaire for AW13 is revisting the Hitchcock woman into a new generation- perfect anonymous chic to provide a subtle charge. This is what Parisian Hermes should be like- a bit menswear, elegant and super chic. This is a antidote for the colour splash on the street style, that for a long time won’t wear Hermes for everyday. But why? Too expensive? Yes it is,but not form these Russian girls and American billlionaires. Hermes clothes do not have a label name EVERYWHERE. Ok, when Mira Duma wears this black tweed costume with fur pompon, there is no double C on it, but everyone who is interested a bit in fashion knows it’s Chanel. What I love in Hermes is the classical touch and this simplicity in every cape, fur… That is so beautiful!

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Family of Givenchy

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Riccardo Tisci always takes to his campaigns the closest friends and people that are important for him: like last season that was Kate Moss, Marina Abramovic and Mariacarla Boscono with her newborn baby! He joined his power with Mert & Alas Pigott to take this fantastic shoot full of family charm in punk version and simple beauty. Amanda Seyfriend was here in the Bambi Killer (I call it like this 🐼) outfit looking so beautiful and naturally… There was also Carine Roitfeld with her daughter Julia, who didn’t really look like a typical family- Carine was mind blowing! She looked so fresh and I would say… french!

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