Marubi Ramen in Berlin


First of all, I have never been to Japan, so I don’t know how the real, real ramen soup tastes. I’ve watched The Ramen Girl (a sophisticated comedy about a woman searching for direction in her life through training to be a ramen chef under a tyrannical ramen master, mind you) and I realise that Europeans have a very wide and imaginative view on ramen’s taste. But I think that Berlin’s Marubi is a spot, where the authentic ramen might be served. Prepared in four ways (beef, pork, shrimp or vegetarian), their warm bowl of Japanese goodness tastes simply delicious. Located in Mitte, the place seems to be out of the local fuss – no fancy interior, no big media appearance. Just ramen. And a equally great selection of dim-sum and gyoza dumplings.

Sweetly, Ladurée.


Don’t get me wrong – it’s not that I’ve suddenly discovered Ladurée out of the blue and thought it’s worth sharing. Ladurée is a Parisian landmark, a cult patisserie. There’s no need to introduce it. Everything is so sweetly aesthetical here, from the pastel-pink plates to perfume flacons. And coming here for breakfast means that your ultimate French breakfast dream comes true. During fashion week, Ladurée on rue Royale is a perfect morning spot for gossips. While eating my eggs Benedict served on a crispy brioche, I’ve overheard how a pack of PRs devastated a Dior person’s career, bitterly complaining about her ‘terrible, terrible’ incompetence. How mean. How fashion!

Ladurée / 18 Rue Royale

All photos by Edward Kanarecki.

Parisian Journal


Le Café des Antiquaires is the perfect spot to sit and sip Noisette in between the shows.

Paris. It’s a cliché to say that Paris is the ‘city of love’. But that’s true in some way, as it’s simply impossible not to fall in love with Paris. If Paris was a person, it would be an extremely multi-faceted, slightly arrogant, but elusive character. Not a friend – rather a great lover. I’ve visited Paris many, many times, but those few days I’ve spent during the last fashion week will stay in my mind for long. Spring is the moment, when Paris blooms. People on the streets are so beautiful. Coffee tastes better, while art exhibitions open on every corner. J’adore.

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This woman – ultimately Parisian.
Cherry-blossom tree near Le Bon Marche.
My mum.

All photos by Edward Kanarecki.

Yumcha Heroes Manufaktur


Why here? The best Chinese dumplings in town. All hand-made, without any preservatives or colorants added. Meal at Yumch is quick and nutritious – a perfect lunch before (or after) an exhausting stroll in the Mitte district.

What to eat? ‘Black beef’ (steamed dumplings with beef, ginger and Szechuan pepper), ‘Pink lamb’ (baked dumplings with lamb, cinnamon and oyster sauce) and stripes of beef with fresh coriander. And of course, a glass of home-made lemonade is a must!

The atmosphere is… crowdy, steamy and filled with beautiful Berliners. Reserve!

Weinbergsweg 8 / Berlin







All photos by Edward Kanarecki

Zorza Bistro

Zorza Bistro is a perfect example of today’s casual dining place, which attracts you with every detail – and if you don’t go inside right away, you feel really, really guilty. Social media is a dominating factor in today’s gastronomy. The first time I saw this place on Instagram (@zorzabistro), filled with stylish photos of bruschettas and cold soups, I knew I’m writing it down in my Warsaw agenda – and as I love well-executed branding matters, like typography, this was indeed a heaven for me. Visual identity of Zorza was developed by Kaja Gadomska, graphic designer, who decided to create something that would match the classical, yet very contemporary aesthetic of the restaurant. Just like her bold logo design, the interior is kept in a softly art deco manner, with brass tables, marble columns and preserved, stone floors. The cuisine at Zorza is diverse, spanning from roasted artichokes and hot dogs with home-made sausage to meat-stuffed cabbage and coated chicken in Asian sauce. If you’re still unsure whether you need to go to Zorza, then there’s one more, great feaure of this place – you can sit outside, and have a view on Warsaw’s brilliant street style.

Żurawia 6 / Warsaw






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